VSFS Part one

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Date: 15th November 2017

Date: 15th November 2017

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@elliegibson: One day till Katie can be a proud fiancé to the idiot with the hat on and her sister in the gorgeous dress that without the filter is red! Cannot wait to walk the catwalk for Victoria's Secret!!! -Ellie
👤: @harrystyles // @katiegibson.

@harrystyles: Rude. I have a name. It's Harry.

@elliegibson: @harrystyles my instagram my rules

@katiegibson: I love you. Cannot wait for tomorrow!! ❤️

@elliegibson: I love you too @katiegibson

@victoriassecret: We cannot wait to have you!!

@gemmastyles: Omg you and Katie look so prettyyyyyyyyy.

@annetwist: @gemmastyles I agree

@harryfreakingstyles: Once again Harry is being bullied by his own family.

@katiexkatie: where's the bump?

@katiegibson: @katiexkatie it's there don't you worry. You just can't see it because a lanky man and a gorgeous sibling is covering it :) x


Hi friends!
So as you can possibly see I've changed my username! I am no longer shyHEStyles (Rip to that username.). But i am now colourfulhazz which is my instagram name too! Go give it a follow! My question for you guys is are you a daytime person or a night time person. I love the night time when you're surrounded with others but not alone so I'll go with daytime.

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