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Date: 1st August 2017

Date: 1st August 2017

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@celebgossip: MELISSA GATES AND KENDALL JENNER LET OFF SCOTT FREE!?! Yes, Kendall Jenner and Melissa Gates are let off Scott free for the attempted murder of singer songwriter Katie Gibson. How? We don't know. Sources have said Kris Jenner paid the court not to send Kendall down but we don't know if that's true for Melissa. Katie Gibson is said to be in Jamaica with Taylor Swift, Harry Styles and Taylor's rumoured beau Joe Alwyn. Well we are sending all our love to Katie and hope she gets a full recovery.

@taylorswift: We are with her but not correct place.

@katiesangel: I cannot believe they weren't charged for a thing. They almost killed a locking sweet girl who is idolised by millions. Disgusting.

@melissaxkatie: I'm changing my username to katiexkatie now. My god I hate Melissa now.

@ihatemelissagates: Disgusting pig

@katiekat: I hope Katie gets a restraining order placed against them.


Hi friends!
How annoying! They didn't get charged. FOR ATTEMPTED MURDER. By the way, I don't dislike Kendall in real life nor do I like her. She's a wonderful model and is very pretty but some of the things she's done in the past were offensive and mean. I get people have a past and people learn from there mistakes but some of the things she's done, said and participated in were unforgivable. My question to you is what is your dream job? I have a few. I love the idea of being an English teacher soooooo much. I also like the idea of being an author. I'd be able to create what I want and express how I feel through the eyes of someone else. And bizarrely a model, just because I know I don't have what the media portray as a 'perfect' body and I'd want to show people that any body is perfect and you shouldn't have to
Change yourself for anyone. You are all beautiful just the way you are :)

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