[Black Hell] Chapter Fifteen: Captured

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Dedicated to @Princess_Byakugan (nice username by the way) for finding out which country I am currently living in. XD


"Well, long time no see, old friend," the shark-like man appeared out of the mist. "Never knew you'd be the one to adopt a child, a girl no less," he barked out in laughter as Zabuza glowered at him.

"Where is she?!"

"Patience, patience," Kisame faded. "You'll know soon enough,"



"Fuck, dammit, shit," Zabuza cursed repeatedly like it was a mantra being driven into his head, cleaving a tree into two halves. Glaring at nothing and no one in particular, he continued releasing his stress and rage to the poor trees.

"Zabuza-san—!" Growling, he turned around with the ever-so furious glare written on his face, which soon slightly softened as he noticed the redheaded and the silver-haired senseis of Team Seven.

Kushina glowered at him for a moment, her red hair flying menacingly behind her. Zabuza sworn that he saw Kakashi paled as much as his hair and went to hide behind a tree. Well, the Uzumaki wasn't called the Red-Hot Habanero for no reason at all. Not like he could tease the Copycat ninja for that, he also paled as much as Kakashi did.

"Zabuza-san," started the redhead woman sweetly. "Can you please tell us what happened?" Her voice turned dark and creepy, but still sweet at the end, making the swordsman gulp in fear.

"It's the. . ." Zabuza sighed but gulped in fear again as two malicious, purple orbs glared at him. "Akatsuki," he breathed out at last, trembling slightly, backing away a few steps in order to escape her wrath.


"Ah, ah, calm down, Kushina-senpai," Kakashi smiled with both of his eyes closed. "We need Zabu-chan alive so he could explain what happened!"

Zabuza shot him a dirty look at the mention of 'Zabu-chan'. "What did you just call me, you scarecrow?" he snarled.

"I called you Zabu-chan! Do you have a hearing problem?" Kakashi asked, in a mock cheerful voice, his lone eye closing in an upside down 'U'.

"Well, Kashi-chan, shut up," Zabuza growled a retort, raising his sword as a warning.

"KAKASHI, SHUT UP IF YOU WANT YOUR BOOKS TO STAY SAFE! ZABUZA, JUST EXPLAIN TO ME WHAT HAPPENED!" Kushina screamed that familiar (to Kakashi) terrifying scream, blasting off killing intent at the two men, who cowered in fear. "AND BOTH OF YOU SHUT UP!"

'S-Scary!!' they both thought, unbeknownst to them, in unison.

Zabuza sighed, "Last night, as you know, Naruto didn't come back and Haku went to find him. She went to the forest—I suppose, since Naruto always trains to blow off some steam, as we both call it. When she didn't come back immediately, I tried to look for her, and met one of my former teammates; Kisame Hoshigaki. He was wearing the Akatsuki cloak, so I connected the dots a-and—and!" With a furious and a broken expression, Zabuza continued dully, "And...I wasn't able to bring her back. I think...that Naruto was captured, too..."

"N-No..." Kushina stepped back, eyes wide. "N-No! You're l-lying!"

Her feet hit the ground faster than she could comprehend. Kakashi's frantic calls for her to stop were ignored, and her vision blurred as she sped past the trees, her tears falling.

'How could I let this happen...? I still haven't apologized for not being a mother to him at all. Naruto, my son, I'm so sorry...'


The first thing Naruto saw was the green forest inside his mindscape. The next was the solemn face of his ever so trusty bijū, Kurama. He groggily yawned and sat up, rubbing his temples.


"What's the problem, Kura?" Naruto asked, confused at the seriousness coating the fox's tone. "What happened?"

"You got caught by the Akatsuki, Naruto,"

"Huh? I beg your pardon?" the blond asked, not believing his ears for a single moment.

"I said that. You. Got. Caught. By. The. Akatsuki. Naruto!" the fox grounded out each word, his tails swishing furiously behind him.

"Now what?" he asked dully, the fox's words being slowly perceived by his brain. He stared at the towering bijū, his face blank. "Am I just going to wait for my death?"

"NO!" At Kurama's screech, the blond winced, eyes darting everywhere except those red eyes. "You are not going to die!"

"But I am going to die, no matter how much I hate it!"

Kurama sighed, one of his tails flicking the boy on his forehead, well, more like his head, as the fluffy appendage was larger than the boy. "Did you forget? They have to get the bijū by the number of their tails. I have nine, and so far, I can't sense any of my siblings,"

"So that means I can still escape?" Naruto lit up with hope.

Kurama sighed, groaning in exasperation. The blond sure was smart, but when his brain draws up blanks, it was hard to not get frustrated at him. "Yes, you can, idiot," he snapped. "That is why I need you to wake up and escape. I don't want to die yet, brat,"

Naruto sniggered, dodging one of the fox's tails that Kurama sent in retaliation. His form disappeared in a flicker, his body in the real world coming back to life.


'Where am I? Oh, right, I got kidnapped...' Haku thought as he stood up, or at least tried to. One of her feet was bound by chains, and as she tried to take it off, it only tightened its vice grip on her.

Frowning, she gathered an ample amount of chakra and tried to freeze the chain. She was surprised though; frost had started to cover it but then it disappeared, its coolness the only visible effect her ice release had done.

"What the heck?!" Haku hissed to no one in particular. "What is this thing made of?"

Drained, she leaned back against the stone wall behind her. She closed her eyes, letting a sigh escape her lips before she slumped to the ground.

As she fell, red eyes stared at her; the unmistakable pattern of the Sharingan present in those orbs.

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