[Black Hell] Chapter Seven: Teamwork

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"Ah, sochi, I finally found you."

Naruto looked up to meet the smiling figure of his biological mother. Kakashi was behind him, and both were smiling sadistically, although the silver-haired ninja's smile was hidden due to the mask.

"So," Naruto smiled a sadistic smile of his own. "Shall we start?"


Silence reigned over the plains as the other two stared at the blond's sadistic smile. Seeing their dumbfounded expressions, Naruto decided to use it as his advantage.

"Wind Style: Vacuum Wind Bullet!" Naruto yelled, attacking the two with bullets of air. Kushina jumped to the side neatly, followed by Kakashi. Both had surprised thoughts running through their heads. After all, it wasn't everyday that you see a genin use an A-Rank technique, and not even look the slightest bit fazed.

"Water Style: Water Whip!" Kushina shouted, once regaining her composure and remember that it was a match. Instead of wasting effort to dodge, Naruto just used a Substitution Technique and replaced himself with a log.

Unfortunately, Kushina cut of her chakra once she saw that she imprisoned a log, not her son, and the log fell on Kakashi (not really, Kushina wanted to do this as a punishment for Kakashi because he reads the Icha-Icha and is a pervert).

"OW!" Kakashi yelled in pain, hopping like a rabbit. "Kushina-san! It hurts!!" he shouted at the sadistic redhead woman.

Meanwhile, Naruto was wondering whether his biological mother was spending too much time with Anko or she was just, erm, too sadistic for her own good. Kurama, the giant furba—ahem, fox, was laughing his furry ass off at the aught of the mighty Copycat Ninja.

Chuckling, Naruto continued his onslaught. "Fire Style: Great Dragon Fire Technique!" he yelled.

"Water Style: Water Wall!" said Kakashi, seeing that Kushina left him to his own devices. The said woman jumped back and retreated, disappearing into the treetops.

'Sadistic woman!' the silver-haired nin cried and pouted in his mind. 'Leaving me in the hands of your too-sadistic-for-his-own-good son like Ibiki told me!'

Deciding to have some fun, Naruto went to Kakashi in slow, small steps, maintaining a sadistic smile on his face. "Oooh~" he let out an insane giggle at the end, for extra measure. "Ne~ Lady Kushina, can I have some fun with this one~?" he asked creepily, staring at the treetop where Kushina was perched on.

The redhead gulped; it was like seeing a combination of Ibiki, Anko, Mikoto, and herself. She inwardly shivered at the sadistic, insane smile on her son's face.

'Maybe Ibiki was right.' she thought, remembering the extremely pallid face of the 'sadist' and head of the Torture and Investiagtion Unit. 'I didn't believe him at first but. . .now,' she jumped to the side, avoiding a hurricane of shurikens. 'I do.'

"Can I have fun with this one~?"

"M-Maybe later, Naruto. . ." she trailed off, catching the sad look of his son. Behind him, Kakashi gulped in fear, shivering as the blond faced him.

"The fox says that he wants to go out~" said Naruto in a singsong manner, nearly skipping to his mother's side. His eyes turned red with slits, making the other two gulp and think simultaneously, 'Is the fox controlling Naruto?'

"Oh~! Just kidding, but, if I have to comment, you two are too gullible for you're own good," Naruto remarked, lifting all the four bells and dangling it in front of his senseis.

"HOW?!" the two chorused.

"When you were distracted by my 'sadistic' speech, I took the pleasure of grabbing bells. But I seriously need to torture someone in T&I Unit. Ibiki-san says I need to cool off," said Naruto. "See you at the wooden posts," he then left without another word, via shunshin.

"O-Okay. . ."


"Well, I guess only Naruto passed." Kakashi announced, sighing, as he stared at the tied Sakura and Kato. Mishi wasn't tied; she was calm enough to be restrained. Sasuke, well, I don't really know how he slipped from his senseis' grip. . .

"WHAT?!" Everyone yelled.

"He got all the four bells. . ." Kushina murmured. Somehow, a part of her was proud, whilst another was ashamed. Proud at how her son excelled, and ashamed that she was defeated by a twelve-year-old.

"Who are you going to give the other three bells, Naruto?" Kushina asked. Kakashi faced him in a questioning way.

Naruto shrugged, tossing all the four bells to Mishi, Kato, Sasuke, and Sakura respectively. He then flopped on the ground, pulling out the scroll he always carried around, and began to write. . .again.

"Um," Everyone stared at him.

Lifting an eyebrow in a—somehow—seductive manner, he asked, "What's wrong? Something interesting on my face?" he then smirked at the red during the cheeks of the others.

"Why did you give all the bells to us?" Mishi asked timidly. "Don't you want to pass?"

Naruto just shrugged. "Don't care," he said flatly. "Academy student, genin, chūnin. . .I don't care. They're just titles. I'll fulfill my unsaid and hidden dream no matter what rank I am. After all," he casted a glance at his teachers. "I could always ask for a release paper, and off I go to either the Mist or the Cloud,"

"The Mist or the Cloud?" Kakashi inquired, only to receive a stare that screamed 'Ask a question and I'll rip out your heart, lungs, intestines, and shove them down your throat'.

"Besides, we'll all pass, no matter who gets the bell," he finished, drawing another seal on the scroll.

"Why?" Sakura asked dumbly.

Naruto stared at her in a disbelieving way. "Haruno Sakura, there's a reason behind this test, and why there are only four bells when there are five of us," he said cryptically.

"What's the reason?" Sasuke asked, somewhat eager to know.

"Yeah, what is it?" Kato and Mishi asked in unison.

Naruto fought the urge to facepalm and shove their heads to the wall for their stupidity. "A ninja has to look underneath the underneath. Same with this test—wait, you haven't exactly thought of it?"

Meanwhile, Kushina and Kakashi were having the time of their lives. At least, they didn't have to explain the whole explanation behind the test.

"No," Naruto, Kakashi, and Kushina sweatdropped.

Naruto sighed, "There's a thing called teamwork,"

* * * * *
I think I loved Naruto's antics in this chapter. . .so sadistic and somewhat sassy.

I feel sorry for Kakashi ;P. He's having trouble handling a banshee fangirl, an arrogant bastard, a sadistic redhead woman, and to top of it all. . .a sadistic Naruto. Don't ask me why, but I like to torture him :).

*Kakashi pops out of nowhere*

Kakashi: You're such a sadistic bastard. . .Aya (Not my real name).

Me: IKR! >•<

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