[Black Hell] Chapter Two: Graduation

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"What d-do I do now?" Kushina wailed. "I-I ignored h-him and now he's n-not coming b-back home."

"We, Kushina. Not just only you." At that point, Mishi and Kato felt utterly guilty.

'I will fix this. No matter what, I will bring my family back together.' Minato vowed inside his head.



'Yeah?' Naruto answered promptly.


Weird fox, the blond thought. Thankfully, Kurama didn't hear him as he dozed off into his dreamland (which is full of meat).

"Today is the graduation exam. To pass the test you need to make three clones." Iruka announced.

'Three clones? Three clones?! THREE CLONES?!' Kurama yelled inside Naruto's head, practically awake after five seconds. Naruto just sweatdropped at the fox's antics.

'Yes, yes, yes. You have heard that right, Kura-san.' Naruto replied, slightly annoyed at the fox's antics. Realizing that he had to wait for a long time, he groaned. 'Wake me up when it's my turn, kay?' he told the kyuubi.

And he dozed off.


"Uzumaki-Namikaze Kato!"

'Kit, wake up, it's nearly your turn.' Kurama grumbled, hating the fact that he had to be the one who is awake. He certainly loved sleeping.

Naruto opened his eyes, groggily, and stifled a yawn. He realized that it was his brother that was called, then his sister, then finally him.

Kato walked out of the room, proud, a blue Hi-Ate tied around his forehead. He smiled at Mishi as she was called next. No sooner, Mishi also came out, feeling proud like her brother was.

"Uzumaki-Namikaze Naruto!"

Naruto went in, greeting Iruka and the other sensei which had an evil aura around him. He reeked of snakes, which Naruto knew at instant.

'He's Orochimaru's follower.'

'He's Orochimaru's follower.' said Kurama at the same time as Naruto who made three clones of himself at a rapid pace.

Iruka smiled and motioned at him to get a headband. Naruto, of course, being the polite boy he always is, took a black one and directed a 'thank you' to Iruka, completely ignoring the other sensei, Mizuki.

"Be careful, Iruka-sensei." Naruto whispered in Iruka's ear, making him confused.

Naruto gave Mizuki a glare before going outside. Minato and Kushina were already there, praising and smiling at his siblin—no, their children.

"N-Naruto?" Kushina asked timidly.

"Yes, Lady Kushina?" Naruto asked politely, skillfully ignoring the stares of the other people. They had known that Naruto was a son of the Yondaime Hokage, so why isn't he calling Kushina his mother?

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