[Black Hell] Prologue: Welcome to My Life

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"It's the demon again!"

"He should've died before!"

"Kill him!"


"Die! You demon!"

"You're a nuisance to us!"

Why me...

"Go away! No one cares for you!"



What did I do wrong?

All those sneers, insults, punches, kicks, and blows that rained down on me...what did I do to receive this kind of treatment?

Why doesn't my family know that I exist?

Why won't everyone stop the abuse?

Most of all, why wouldn't anyone acknowledge my presence?


Why can't I...

...be accepted for who I am?

My father, my mother, my sister, my brother, my grandfather...everyone hates me.

...and I know it.

So I, Uzumaki-Namikaze Naruto left Konoha...

...to be accepted for who I am...

...and to find love, trust, and real friends.


"To be hurt,

To feel lost,

To be left out in the dark,

To be kicked when you're down,

To feel like you've been pushed around,

To be on the edge of breaking down and no one's there to save you,

No, you don't know what it's like...

Welcome to My Life."

A whistle and a round of applause echoed in the blond boy's head.

"Amazing, as always." Kurama, the nine-tails, remarked, in his human form.

"Yeah, yeah. You say that every time." Naruto brushed off the praise, like usual.

Naruto was wearing a black jacket and pants, along with a red shirt. He had the usual ninja footwear, only for it to be black. His blond hair was left like it was—messy. One of his eyes were wrapped by bandages, why? Because of the stupid villager that blinded one of his eyes. For the other one, it was fine; it had the color of crystal blue.

Kurama had red hair and nine tails waving around him. He was strangely wearing a shirt and pants that was purple in color, though Naruto was already used to it.

"Naru," Kurama mumbled.

Unfortunately for him, Naruto had very, very, sharp senses. The said boy looked at him. "Yeah?"

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