[Black Hell] Chapter Ten: Demon Brothers

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Tazuna sighed once again, regretting why he ever came to this village in the first place. He was such in a hurry, Gato's men were tailing after him and the closest place was Konoha.

Oh well, what's done is done.


Team 7, along with their client, were walking for hours. So far, nothing's interesting as they plodded on. Well, except for a puddle on a bright, sunny day.

Tazuna had been tense from the start. He knew that the team's senseis and the sadistic blond were reliable, but what about the others? He pondered about it, almost missing the knowing glance sent to him by Naruto.

"What is it, brat?" Tazuna asked.

"Gato's after you, isn't he?" Naruto whispered, as to not alert the others about their conversation. Seeing Tazuna's tense form, the blond hummed a tune. "So I was right,"

"Aren't you going to tell your comrades?" Tazuna asked, fearful and anxious of his decision. If the blond would tell the others. . .the success of the bridge would nearly be impossible.

Naruto let out a snort. "No," he said dismissively, walking ahead of the others. Tazuna had no choice but to catch up on the blond's pace, in order for their conversation to remain a secret.


"Why? Simple, really. I'm bored of D-Rank missions and I need some fun in my life," answered Naruto. Out of the corner of his eye, he took notice of a puddle in a bright, sunny day.


Why are some ninjas quite stupid?

For instance, Konohamaru, Moegi, and Udon. They hide under a square box which they presume as a rock.

Let me ask you. Have you seen a natural, square rock? Yes? You're hallucinating or mentally insane or you have a wide imagination, congratulations. No? Thank goodness; it means you are a sane, normal person.

Two, these ninjas. Have you ever spotted a puddle on a bright, sunny day? A puddle on a place where it hasn't rained for days? A puddle on a place where water is barely found?

Naruto shook his head, fishing out a kunai and tying an explosive tag on it. Kushina, Kakashi, and Sasuke seemed to catch on; whilst the others looked bored and didn't mind his action. 

As he threw the kunai and it exploded, chains burst out from the 'puddle' revealing two ninjas, chūnin at the very least. Naruto chuckled, recognizing the ninjas' faces, having met them when he was out of the village and was still traveling.

"MOM!" Kato yelled as he saw his mother being ripped into pieces. Mishi looked terrified at the sight.

"KAKASHI-SENSEI!" Sakura screamed in terror, watching her sensei supposedly 'die'.

"Two down," one of the ninjas, which Naruto identified as Meizu, chuckled at the horror on the genins' faces.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. That wasn't a really good thing to do, Meizu, Gozu,"

The two swung around. Fear flooded their senses as they met the bloodthirsty face of a blond they unfortunately stumbled across, nearly three years ago.

Naruto had been nine years of age when he was traveling towards Kirigakure; hoping to know a few Water jutsus to back up his arsenal. The 'Demon Brothers', as they call themselves, spotted him and thinking he was an easy target, immediately surrounded him. They demanded to give them their possessions, which only earned them to be in a death-like state. They would never forget the look of bloodlust on the boy's face in their whole life.

"Y-You. . ." Gozu gulped in fear, his throat suddenly dry. He backed away from the said blond, in hopes of running away. Unluckily for them both, Naruto's eyes—well, eye—were trained at them, like a predator hunting his prey.

"Oh~! So you remember me?" Naruto chuckled at the fear crossing their faces, the other people around them long forgotten. "Now, tell me why you agreed to Gato's terms, hm?" he said in a very sweet voice, causing everyone to shiver.

"H-He—" Meizu cowered. "—presented us a l-large s-sum o-of m-money. . . In e-exchange of k-killing the b-bridge b-builder, we'll g-get it,"

Naruto clicked his tongue in annoyance. Stupid. Gato's not even going to pay them. After all, he's a greedy bastard, he thought.

'Hey, kit,' Kurama called.

'Hm? Yeah, Kura?' he answered, his eye not leaving the two of them.

'Your senseis are watching from above. You're going to have a lot of explanation to do. Hehe,' Kurama let out an insane fit of laughter.

'And you say that I'm too sadistic for my own good when you're as sadistic as I am, if not even more,' Naruto muttered.

"Okay, now we know what are you two after," Kakashi interrupted, jumping down from the treetop he had been perching on.

"Naruto, that's enough," Kushina told him.

"SENSEI! You're okay!" Sakura cheered happily. Kato and Mishi looked relieved at their 'alive' mother and sensei. Sasuke looked like he couldn't be bothered by anything at all as he gave out a soft, 'hn'.

"It was a substitution," Kushina smiled, before turning to her son. "Naruto," she said in a serious voice. "We need to talk,"

"And Tazuna as well," the said blond muttered nonchalantly.

"First of all, how did you know these two?" Kakashi started. Naruto looked at him blankly.

"When you go out of a village at the age of seven and come back fire years after, you tend to have a lot of experiences involving missing ninjas, thugs, and whatnot,"

"Second, did you know that Tazuna has B-Rank ninjas and—possibly—higher ones after his head?" Kushina continued.

"Yeah," There was a short pause. "I didn't tell you because I'm bored of D-Rank missions. That's partially the reason. If you saw the Land of Waves, you'll know why I didn't tell you. Their Daimyo doesn't even have enough money to afford a B-Rank mission much less higher," Naruto elaborated.

"Okay. Who votes that we'll continue?" Kushina asked, turning to the other genins. Sasuke grunted in acknowledgement, making Sakura agree with her precious 'Sasuke-kun'. Kato nodded eagerly whilst Mishi looked slightly reluctant but agreed, anyways.

"It's settled, then," Kakashi gave them a smile with his eyes closed.

"We'll continue the mission,"

* * * * *
Another crappy excuse for a chapter. *sulks in one depressed corner*

I gotta say that this one is quite. . .I don't know, boring? I'm losing the inspiration to write, sorry guys.

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