[Black Hell] Chapter Six: Bell Test

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Naruto grinned once more, heading for the T&I building, passing by a couple of villagers. A few had fainted at his sadistic aura.

Well, can't a jinchūriki have his own fun?


Flurries of kicks and punches were aimed for the tree, making numerous dents on it. For untrained eyes, a blur of gold and black was the only thing they could see.

Naruto had tortured a few stubborn prisoners at the T&I department, breaking them easily. The blond was too sadistic for his own good, Ibiki and Anko had ruefully noted as they saw a cheerful blond coming out of the room.

With the help of Kurama, Naruto could easily get vital information from enemies as he could tamper with their minds and successfully torture them. One of the prisoners he had interrogated was Mizuki, a traitor of the Leaf.

"Mizuki had, in fact, attempted to steal the Forbidden Scroll and send it to Orochimaru, the Snake Sannin. Umino Iruka, a chūnin instructor at the Ninja Academy, intervened and sent a signal to the sky. Luckily, there was a group of ANBU patrolling around and immediately headed for the place. Mizuki was captured, but we haven't found any useful information other than Mizuki being a follower of Orochimaru. Inoichi wasn't able to enter Mizuki's mind as there were seals—which, I think, Orochimaru put up in case something goes wrong,"

Naruto had quite a history with that blasted snake. Orochimaru had tried to extract Kurama from him, but the blond managed to escape that day. The snake continuously tracked him, sometimes ambushing the blond but Naruto always escaped without a single scratch. How? One word; Shunshin.

Back to the present. The blond was quite angry at the information he had taken out of the traitor's mind. The snake had built his own village; Otogakure, and was attempting to give the Uchiha his curse mark. Orochimaru wanted an Uchiha vessel due to his eyes, the famous Sharingan.

Naruto had guessed that Orochimaru would most likely attack at the Chūnin Exams; and the snake could say that he had hell to pay for.


"It's six o'clock in the morning! That idiot is so late!" Sakura ranted on and on at how late the Copycat nin is. "Right, Sasuke-kun?" she batted her eyelashes, although the raven only grunted a 'hn' in agreement.

"Fangirls," Mishi and Kato murmured, sharpening their kunais. The redhead girl inherited her father's calmness, and a bit of her mother's sadistic side. Kato, on the other hand, inherited his mother's brash personality, and a bit of his father's knack of making new jutsus.

The only one quiet in the group was none other than Naruto; the boy just ignored the entire scene and focused on gathering Nature Chakra. He was able to enter Sage Mode, but not Bijū Mode. The fox had said that his chakra was reacting against the boy's chakra, making it wild and untamed.

Naruto's chakra was calm and soothing while Kurama's was agressive. In order to mix both of them, either Naruto's chakra should turn agressive or Kurama's chakra should be calm. The first opinion was easier to do, since Kurama wasn't fond of calming down and tends to act brashly.

"YOU'RE LATE!" Sakura pointed an accusing finger at the Hatake. The said ninja scratched his nape sheepishly, avoiding the Red Death's scary stare.

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