[Black Hell] Chapter Twelve: Reality Check

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   Tazuna gave up and sat on the ground, much to everyone's expectations.
"Alright, let's go,"


"We're here," Tazuna announced, although still wary of the missing nin before him. Zabuza rolled his eyes and sighed, cons of being a known nukenin. "Tsunami dear? Please open up the door,"

"Father, is that you—? Oh?" Tsunami raised an eyebrow. "Are these the ninjas you hired?"

"Yes, Tsunami," said Tazuna. "Can you let us in?" he asked, making the woman in front of them hit her head on the door and smile sheepishly.

"Sure, come in,"

Team 7, along with Zabuza, Haku, and Tazuna, came in. Not too long after, Kushina spoke up, nearly scaring everyone out of their skin at the loudness of her voice.

"Okay! Rest for now, and we'll have training tomorrow!"


Sakura, Mishi, and Tsunami shared a room—practically the latter's bedroom. At first, Sakura wasn't happy to be separated from her precious 'Sasuke-kun', and Misji wasn't happy as well to be separated from her mother and brother, and be with a fangirl to boot. Kushina only smiled and told them to accept it unless they want to receive the end of her sword, which they didn't want to, so they agreed, albeit reluctantly.

Sasuke, Kato, and Tazuna had also shared one. Kato was whining to his mother on why he would share with a person with a stick up his ass, basically Sasuke, but got told off otherwise he couldn't eat ramen. That threat got him to shut up and agree to the room arrangements. Sasuke was, in fact, relieved that he wouldn't be sharing a room with a fangirl, but soon got his hopes down as he would be sharing with a loud, obnoxious person—Kato—and a drunken, sober man—Tazuna.

Kakashi and Kushina would be sharing a room, seeing that they were both senseis. Neither had a problem with that certain arrangement, or more like Kakashi kept his mouth shut unless he wanted to face the wrath of an angry Uzumaki woman.

Lastly, Zabuza, Haku, and Naruto. Kakashi and Kushina were wary of the both of them and thought it would be best if Zabuza would be staying in their room, but the missing nin refused, telling them that he didn't want to leave his daughter, Haku, alone. When the two senseis were alone, Naruto had told them that if Zabuza were to assassinate everyone while they were sleeping, they would be the first ones to say goodbye, and the others would be left without protection. 

The trio didn't mind their sleeping arrangements, after all, they treated each other like family.

Just after they had settled down and fixed themselves, Tsunami had called all of them for dinner. Kato was the first one to arrive in the dining table, after all, he could beat the Akimichi Clan into eating.

"Itadakimasu!" Everyone chorused and began to dig in.

Dinner was a comfortable event, each chatting to one another about random topics. Kushina and Zabuza had, surprisingly, gotten together very well, seeing they had the same habits and likes; swords, swords, swords, more swords, and kenjutsu. Mishi and Kato were complaining to one another about their roommates, with the latter soon glaring at the Uchiha, who glared back which resulted to into a insult battle. Soon enough, Haku and Mishi got into a girl conversation, talking about their likes, hobbies. . .and surprisingly, boys. Tazuna and Tsunami were happy about having a large family dinner again, whilst Inari was seething.

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