[Black Hell] Chapter Eight: D-Rank Missions

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Meanwhile, Kushina and Kakashi were having the time of their lives. At least, they didn't have to explain the whole explanation behind the test.

"No," Naruto, Kakashi, and Kushina sweatdropped.

Naruto sighed, "There's a thing called teamwork,"


"Dove, Point B," Mishi whispered.

"Emo, Point C," Sasuke grunted at his nickname.

"Blossom, Point E! Sasuke-kun, you're so cool~!" the pink-haired fangirl squealed, causing everyone to sweatdrop.

"Huh? What? Oh, Fox, Point G," said Kato.

"Kato, you need to be alert at all times. No one knows when or where the enemy will attack. Redhead, Point F," Kushina had a hint of strictness in her tone.

"Scarecrow, Point H," said Kakashi. "Naruto, what about you?"

"Secretive, Point A. I got the target. Mission completed," Naruto announced, caressing Tora's fur, and earned a satisfied 'meow' in return.

Everyone jumped from their positions and landed on the clearing, where Naruto was currently in. The brown cat purred against his chest, making Sakura squeal at how the blond was so cute with a cat.

"Okay, mission 'Catch Tora' completed," Kushina announced. "Let's head towards the Hokage's office to request for another mission,"

Nearly everyone sighed and groaned in frustration. D-Rank missions are boring, yes, and utterly lame. They are called chores—not damn missions—which civilians were too lazy to do.

As they plodded in towards the Hokage's office, numerous civilians were giving them strange looks. They skillfully ignored it and continued. As they reached the office, Kato didn't feel like doing the serious and appropriate thing, and kicked the door open.

"Dad!" Kato and Mishi chirped happily. Iruka got a tick mark on, seeing the door burst open—which literally made him jump to the ceiling.

"Team 7, reporting," Kakashi lazily said. "Mission success, another D-Rank, please, sensei,"

"Of course," Minato scanned the papers, reading it aloud one by one. "There's weeding, taking trash out of a river, walking dogs, and repainting an old house. Which one do you want?"

"All of them," After a brief discussion, the six decided in agreement, or rather, the four decided in agreement (Naruto could care less about the mission, Sakura was busy swooning over the raven-haired lad, and the said raven-haired lad kept brooding too much to actually listen).

"Alright, let's go,"



"Ugh. This is gotta be the most lame mission ever!" Sakura groaned. "Right, Sasuke-kun?" she said, all the while battering her eyelashes as a way to seduce the raven-haired lad.

Sasuke grunted, tired of her fangirling. Sakura then squealed at his response, repeating the 'Sasuke-kun, you're so cooooollll~' speech.

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