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Son of Sannin by AnkurMishra1
Son of Sanninby A2G
When Naruto was three he is attacked by the villagers on his birthday and losses his eyesight. Tsunade is summoned to save the kid how will she react to the treatment Na...
Naruto son of Aphrodite (pjo x Naruto x Fgo) by jqckwill
Naruto son of Aphrodite (pjo x Nar...by jqckwill
Naruto in this timeline was raised by The Uchiha Clan due to mikoto adopting him and became part of the clan. During the fourth great ninja war he Was fighting Madara An...
Living Village Outside the Walls (Attack on Titan X Village reader) by Otimia
Living Village Outside the Walls (...by Otimia
Village reader? Yes a Village. You are a village. Specifically the piece of land under the village. You have to protect your inhabitants from those lumbering giants, how...
The Forgotten Child of Destiny by scrletfyre
The Forgotten Child of Destinyby Elizabeth Vounce
Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze grew up being hated, despised, beaten, and abused all because of what he held within him. The nine tailed demon fox that nearly destroyed the vil...
log in system by ahmadnazem
log in systemby Am0104
Read to find out.
Marvel Cheat Room by Madtitan2018
Marvel Cheat Roomby Willie Johnson
When I play Skyrim special edition I loved the cheat room and other Mods that made my character crazy strong. A thought ran in my head, what if two best friends with a l...
GOKU : DC'S GOD OF DESTRUCTION  by simphiweisking
GOKU : DC'S GOD OF DESTRUCTION by simphiweisking
Reborn As Veldanava by YethMotheph
Reborn As Veldanavaby Johnlee Labrador
Kyuushi Amado, Died and meets ??? with 5 wishes
Why do you two together look familiar  by owenmonster18
Why do you two together look famil...by owenmonster18
(Replace Adrien with you) When left alone Marinette thought how bad her life has become but a old friend of hers returned. After the return of (Y/n), Marinette has not r...
Fairy tail : Son of Arcues  by ahmadnazem
Fairy tail : Son of Arcues by Am0104
Ash son of Arcues in the world of fairy tail.
Naruto God Of All by deathlyhollow40
Naruto God Of Allby deathlyhollow40
Naruto son of artemis has become a god after absorbing the juubi at the end of the fourth shinobi war, but after discovering his ability to time travel he realized he is...
The forgotten Jinchūriki by I_am_my_own_savior
The forgotten Jinchūrikiby I am my own savior
Naruto is neglected by his parents who favor his siblings that host the Kyubi. What they don't know is that Naruto holds a power greater than any Jinchuriki.
Under my Command by GodOfDimension
Under my Commandby Fenrir
This is a Naruto crossover ~~~ After being banished by his village for bringing the last Uchiha back, Naruto Uzumaki disappeared. ~~~ The Demon Boy was gone from the vi...
The Supreme Overlord: Gilgamesh  by jqckwill
The Supreme Overlord: Gilgamesh by jqckwill
The assistant guild master of Ainz Ooal Gown, Gilgamesh, finds himself in a not so strange new world. Will he stay neutral, or will he try to conquer it? (Nazarick will...
Boruto : the future by XayanXaheer
Boruto : the futureby XayanXaheer
We all know that boruto fights Kawaki in the end and wins, so what happens next? I don't own Boruto or any of its characters so, all copyrights reserved This is also my...
Mask Broken by IHateHeroes
Mask Brokenby I Hate Heroes
Hinata has been living behind a mask all her life, trying to be a good person-trying to be like Uzumaki Naruto. Then Neji pushes her too far during the Chūnin exams and...
Reacting to Why do you two together look familiar  by owenmonster18
Reacting to Why do you two togethe...by owenmonster18
Another round of Miraculous ladybug cast reacting, This time it's not miraculous semblance. So let see how they react to a different (Y/n), along with the fact that bot...
The Last Mission - Naruto Undercover by kAizEr_eD
The Last Mission - Naruto Undercov...by kAizEr_eD
A genius. An Anbu. A child. Naruto didn't have much of a choice about his birth, nor did he have a choice about the tenant living within him. He was a blob of sunshine...
DC: Dragon War of Apokolips by Madtitan2018
DC: Dragon War of Apokolipsby Willie Johnson
He was loyal, He was faithful and devoted Husband and Hero, but when he was Betrayed by his friends cause of a crime he didn't comment. His wife Cheated on him on 2 diff...
A Hero's Fate | Naruto FanFiction by Gold_Roses_of_Winter
A Hero's Fate | Naruto FanFictionby Emeralds&Rubies
Naruto Namikaze. A name either feared, hated, scorned, or simply loathed. A boy who had a fate which he had no say in, a burden placed on him without thinking about the...