[Black Hell] Chapter Eleven: Demon of the Mist

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As the title suggests, we'll meet Mr. Cow (Zabuza) in this chapter. Also, Haku's a girl, I can't see her as a boy in all angles 😞.
* * * * *

"Okay. Who votes that we'll continue?" Kushina asked, turning to the other genins. Sasuke grunted in acknowledgement, making Sakura agree with her precious 'Sasuke-kun'. Kato nodded eagerly whilst Mishi looked slightly reluctant but agreed, anyways.

"It's settled, then," Kakashi gave them a smile with his eyes closed.

"We'll continue the mission,"

The boat moved silently across the water. Ripples were made as they moved, but not enough to give away their position.

"This is my stop," the boat rower paused and led them out of the boat. "Good luck with the bridge, Tazuna,"

"Thank you very much," Everyone thanked him and got their feet on solid land. They were extra cautious right now; there might be enemies nearby. Tazuna faced them and was about to give his speech when a bunny hopped out of the bushes towards their direction. Strangely, it's color was white—a winter rabbit.

'Tsk. Distraction,'

"DUCK!" Kakashi and Kushina yelled, tackling everyone near them.

A giant sword flew past their heads. If they didn't move quick enough, their heads might be cleaved right now.

"Now I understand why the Demon Brothers failed," the unknown man growled. "Kakashi of the Sharingan," Sasuke tensed at the last word. "And the Red Death or the Red-Hot Habanero,"

"Momochi Zabuza," Kakashi's lips were set in a scowl. "One of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, and nicknamed as the 'Demon of the Mist',"

"I'm in your bingo book, too?" Zabuza let out a laugh. "No time for chitchat. Hand over the bridge builder and I'll let you guys live,"

"Over my dead body," Kushina growled, her hand gripping her sword. Kakashi got on a stance and pulled out a kunai.

"Looks like I have to kill you two first then kill the brats," Zabuza pointed his giant sword at them, before proceeding to do some handsigns. "Kirigakure no Jutsu!"

Thick mist surrounded them, eerily silent. Kushina and Kakashi were on guard almost instantly, straining to pinpoint their enemy's location.

"Manji formation; protect the bridge builder," Kakashi ordered. The genins immediately perked up and obliged, taking their respective positions. Tazuna and Sakura shivered in fright, thinking on how they will get out of this alive.

"Seven points—" Zabuza began but was cut off.

"There's actually eight. You know that, right, Cow?" Naruto mocked the swordsman.

"UZUMAKI-NAMIKAZE NARUTO, YOU BETTER SHUT UP OR I'LL PLACE YOU IN THAT AGAIN! SHUT UP!" Zabuza yelled, finally realizing that the boy he considers his son was present.

"How about no?" Naruto answered. "Wind Style: Great Breakthrough," he said in a calm voice, releasing a gust of wind which erased the mist completely. Once it disappeared, there stood Zabuza, fuming, and Haku, smiling widely as she saw her brother.

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