[Black Hell] Chapter Three: An Awkward Lunch

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"Of course, Namikaze-san." Naruto answered, putting his nonchalant and emotionless façade. . .like always.

Mishi frowned, while her parents and brother took their respective seats. She did imitate their actions after a while, quite reluctantly.

However, Naruto knew one thing; today is going to be one hell of a day.


The Uzumaki-Namikaze family stared at each other; one bored, another anxious, the other nervous, the fourth clearly worried and concerned, and the last one impassive—Kato, Mishi, Minato, Kushina, and Naruto respectively.

"So," Minato began, breaking the tense silence which reigned in the atmosphere. "Naruto, who helped you enhance your skills?"

"One of the best," Naruto replied. It wasn't a lie, but not really an exact answer that everyone was looking for. Minato gave him a 'Whatever you say' look and continued eating his ramen, along with Kushina, who was actually eating so fast that her hand was nothing but a blur.

"Uh, kaasan," Kato and Mishi simultaneously sweatdropped at the sight of their mother. Naruto shrugged, proceeding to finish the remains of his meal.

The rest of the meal went on silently, yet awkwardly. The big ball of fur inside Naruto was silently laughing at the exchange. His host, of course, ignored the roaring laughter in the depths of his mind.

"I'll be going now," Naruto bowed towards his biological family and went outside the BBQ stand. The onlookers stared at him weirdly; why would the Hokage's son leave so suddenly?

'Ahahaha! This is so epic!' Kurama burst into laughter, rolling in Naruto's mindscape. The blond ignored him—heading for his house where his family couldn't bother him at all.

Oh, how right he was.


'There, now concentrate your chakra into your palm. No, no, too much chakra—there, that's correct. Slam your hand onto the ground, and say the jutsu.'

The Nine-Tailed Fox's jinchūriki was in an open field—one considered as a training area. The field was normally isolated, ideal for Naruto since he doesn't want his secrets to be publicized, much less known all over the planet. Okay, I might be exaggerating but you get the point.

'Kay. Thanks, Kura.'

"Soul Release: Absorption!"

At the yell, the trees seemed to lose their lives as they wilted and seemingly reduced to nothing but ashes. The grass, flowers—to put it simply, the living beings lost their souls as Naruto absorbed it.


'Now, let the silver substance flow from your palms and give it back.' Kurama instructed, a bit taken aback at how the blond had easily completed the jutsu. Well, Naruto was a genius, so, nothing's new.

"Soul Release: Return!"

Everything went back to normal; excluding the fact that occasional slivers of gold dusted the area. Kurama mocked a sigh at his host's potential, shaking his head ever so slowly, only to receive a death glare from the blond.

'Ne~ Kurama, want to say something?'

'Kit! It's nothing!' Kurama panicked; even though Naruto was more of a carbon copy of his father, he still had a few of his mother's personality—including Kushina's demonic attitude once she gets mad. The Nine-Tailed Fox knew better that to mess up with an infuriated, much less an enraged Uzumaki.

Naruto narrowed his eyes, which had turned into a light shade of gold due to his Soul Jutsus, at him. 'Really. . .?' he asked in an innocent tone, not really believing the fox.

'It's nighttime now, Kit. You need to sleep; besides, you get to know your team tomorrow.'

'Let's just hope that I don't get paired with the arrogant, power-hungry bastard with the name of Uchiha Sasuke. No offense, but he's too caught up on revenge and he always looks for power. Although, he'd be a great ninja if he opens his eyes to reality. Also, I don't want the pink-haired banshee on my team; she's loud, a fangirl, and I don't even think she knows what it takes to become a shinobi. On the contrary, she'd be one of the best kunoichi if she takes her training seriously since she had a good chakra control.'

'You're quite an observant person, aren't you?'

'Tch.' replied the blond as he bit his thumb to draw blood and open the seal he had created.

His house was inside a forest, thus far from the villagers. It was isolated; ideal for Naruto since he hates socializing and people who did nothing but torture him. As an added bonus, the blond could train whenever he wants to as the forest was a good training ground; and had a couple of open fields.

The blond opened the doors, nearly slamming it close as he walked in his kitchen. The clock clearly screamed '9:43' in the evening. Guess he went a tad bit overboard on his training.

'Good night kit~' said Kurama in a creepy tone, yet Naruto ignored it, seeing it was a normal event everyday. Damn, the fox was quite bipolar, if Naruto could add.

'Night, Kurama.'



The blond only cracked an eye open. 'Okay. I don't care if you gut me then destroy Konoha. Just let me sleep, lazyass fox.'

'YOU'LL KNOW YOUR TEAMMATES AND SENSEI TODAY! Just, get. . .your ass—' the fox coughed, due to the fact that he had been using his loudest voice for the past, erm, ten minutes. Believe it or not, Naruto was quite a heavy sleeper if he is exhausted. On normal cases, however, the blond was a morning person. '—up. . .'

'Kay. And calm down, you overgrown fox.'

'Hey! I take offense to that.' Kurama exclaimed, then threw a coughing fit afterwards.

As he was taking a shower, Naruto smirked. 'Guess you can't use your voice for the rest of the day, eh, Kura?' he asked in an innocent, yet mocking tone.

'You planned this,' replied the fox in a flat tone.

'Of course.'

'Ugh, damn you kit.'

After a series of coughing fits from Kurama, a few laughing fits from his jinchūriki, and, of course, preparations and a heavy breakfast, the two were ready for the rest of the day.

* * * * *

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