[Black Hell] Chapter Fourteen: Mystery

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"Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!" Naruto breathed a stream of fire and headed it for the tornado, which gladly accepted the fire. Now, it became a fire vortex, destroying anything in its path.

"Are you trying to kill me?!" Zabuza yelled as he managed to switch himself with a clone. Naruto blinked blankly at him.


"Dammit brat!"


Zabuza growled and advanced forwards, his sword aiming to cleave the blond into two. Naruto ducked and attempted to kick his surrogate father, but said person dodged and swung his large sword towards his direction. He cleaved the blond into two, which soon 'poof'ed into smoke.

Naruto had used Kawarimi to safety and had just finished his series of handsigns. "Raiton: Jibashi (Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder)!" he bellowed.

Zabuza's eyes widened as he jumped away from the trajectory of the lightning and started his own series of handsigns. "Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu (Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique)!"

Naruto unsheathed his twin swords and placed them in front of him in an 'X' position. The water disappeared, most likely because of the seals he placed on his swords.

"Taijutsu and Kenjutsu only, huh, gaki?"

"You bet, tou-san,"

-With Haku-

"Itai, that hurt, Haku-chan," Naruto grumbled in frustration as he dodged another barrage of senbon. He clicked his tongue, glaring at the smiling Hakus around him.

'My reaction time needs work,' he dully noted to himself. "Kirigakure no Jutsu!" he yelled, and almost immediately, mist surrounded them.

Haku was on full alert, barely managing to sense a swarm of kunais and shurikens. She froze as she saw the explosive tags on all the weapons. 'Shit,' she thought as the mirrors exploded, leaving her to backflip in the air and land on the ground safely.

"Let's have fun, nee-chan!"


It was lunchtime. The other genin had somehow climbed up the tree, with Sakura being the first due to her small chakra reserves. Mishi and Sasuke made it in second place, but they only managed to climb halfway to the top of the tree. Kato, in frustration, tried to climb up and down, which only resulted him in landing down on his butt.

Mishi and Kushina managed to clam him down and he finished in last, although he had only taken about seventeen steps. His mother explained that it was because of the Kyuubi's chakra that was implanted in him, thus causing the increase on his reserves. Kato was ecstatic at first, but his mood died down by being reminded of his poor chakra control and the exercises he had to do.

Zabuza's match with Naruto ended up with the latter winning. However, with Haku's spar. . .let's just say that it wasn't pretty. Haku had woken up with a concussion and asked what happened. All she got for a reply was a cheerful and sadistic smile with the words, "You don't want to know!" coming from the blond.

So, she decided to not pursue the matter as the blond was extremely sadistic. He'd yell in delight if he was given a free reign in each T&I Department of every village.

Kushina had blinked at their condition but shrugged it off as she saw the insane gleam in her other son's eyes. Whatever that had happened to the cow-dressing nin and his daughter. . .she could only pray for their sanity.


"Kakashi-sensei, Kushina-san, I'm going out to train," Naruto informed them, receiving to subtle nods.

As he shut the door behind him, he couldn't help but sigh in bliss as the cold air caressed his skin. He sauntered towards the forest, failing to notice a crow with two blood red eyes. 


"Ne? Sasuke, are you alright?" asked Kakashi, concern lacing his tone. "Is there anything wrong?" The Uchiha had been quiet—not like he hadn't been before—but this time, a different type of quiet.

"No, it's nothing," he decided to response instead of his usual 'hn'. "Just thinking," he added, almost as an afterthought.

"If you say so," the white-haired nin responded with a sigh. "Come down for breakfast and we'll train again afterwards,"



"Where's Naruto-nii?" asked Mishi as she munched on the onigiri served to her. "He hadn't returned after he left last night,"

"Meh. Probably he's lying dead somewhere," Kato grumbled under his breath. Their senseis, Zabuza, Haku and his sister gave him the evil eye for making such an assumption.

"I'm going to check on him," said Haku.

"Wait, finish your food first—" Zabuza blinked as he saw an empty plate with a few leftovers. He discreetly rubbed his temples. Seriously, she finished first before him.

Haku shut the door behind her and nonchalantly strolled towards the woods. Obviously, her brother, in anything but blood, would train to relieve himself from the stress.

"Naru-nii-chan?" she asked, fiddling with a senbon needle. "Nii-chan!" she called out, but panicked as she received no answer.

As she was about to throw a couple of senbon, a hand clamped her mouth shut, making her panic more as she heard maniacal laughter. A hand hit her pressure point, thus causing her to faint. The last thing she saw was a large sword wrapped in bandages, and a pair of glowing, red eyes.

She only had one distressed thought in her mind as she fainted.



"Where's Haku and Naruto?!" Zabuza growled. He didn't wait for the others' reply and stormed outside of the house.

"Haku! Naruto! Where the hell are you two?!" he yelled. "Please don't make out without my knowledge!" he added, swearing that he heard a 'I HATE YOU, TOU-SAN!' from Haku.

He froze in shock as mist surrounded him, laced with chakra that he remembered so clearly. "Kisame, you're here as well?!"

"Well, long time no see, old friend," the shark-like man appeared out of the mist. "Never knew you'd be the one to adopt a child, a girl no less," he barked out in laughter as Zabuza glowered at him.

"Where is she?!"

"Patience, patience," Kisame faded. "You'll know soon enough,"


* * * * *
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