[Black Hell] Chapter Thirteen: Truth

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"Tsunami-san, thank you for the food. I need to go outside for fresh air and training, be back at dawn tomorrow," said Naruto, bringing his dishes in the sink before going out and shutting the door behind him.

"How much does he actually know?"


". . .I'm going to talk to him," Sasuke announced with a heavy sigh, mimicking Naruto's actions and opened the door. He glanced back at his senseis, who nodded in approval, causing him to shut the door behind him.

The Uchiha took a deep breath and searched for the blond's chakra signal. It was in the forest, not masked. Sasuke idly wondered if this was a good idea or not, but his curiousity overwhelmed him and started to walk towards Naruto's position.

He was halfway there when Naruto arrived in a whirl of fire. The blond gestured for him to sit down, which he obliged to. Naruto sat down next to him, crisscrossed.

"Sasuke," Naruto started. "I know you wanted to ask about your clan's massacre, correct?" Seeing a subtle nod and a grunt as an answer, Naruto sighed. "Well, what do you want to know?"

"What you said about Itachi-nii. . ." said Sasuke softly. "Is it true?"

"Yes. He sacrificed his chance at happiness for the village," said Naruto. "He was given a choice; his clan or his village and you. He chose the latter. In order to protect you and the village, he assassinated all the Uchihas, except you,"

"Why didn't he tell me then. . .?"

"Sasuke, Itachi-san is. . .sick, with an incurable disease. He wanted to wash away his sins and give you your revenge, so he thought it would be good to have you kill him,"

"Then why. . ." the Uchiha swallowed the lump in his throat. ". . .didn't he tell me?"

"Reasons, Sasuke. Personal reasons," Naruto stood up with his back facing the raven-haired boy. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to train,"

With those words being said, the blond disappeared in a whirl of feathers, his chakra completely masked. Sasuke sighed and started to walk towards Tazuna's house, with one thought in his mind, 'Why?'


"Today, we're training!" Kushina announced.

"What, exactly?"

"Tree climbing!"

"Um, Kushina-sensei, we already know how to climb trees," Sakura pointed out, making the redhead want to put her in a chokehold and strangle her.

"But this time, without hands," Kakashi intervened lazily.


"Haruno Sakura, you should channel chakra onto your feet and climb up. Tricky part is that you'd guess how much chakra will you put for you to stay stable. After all, it's part of chakra control," said Naruto, staring blankly at her.

"Then do it if you're so smart!" Sakura screeched at the blond.

Naruto just shrugged and sauntered towards the tree. He nonchalantly walked up. Once he reached the top of the tree, he stopped the chakra flow, causing him to fall down. Backflipping, he landed safely on the ground.

"And that's how you do it," said Naruto with a straight face. Mostly everyone had their jaws dropped or had widened eyes, but he shrugged it off and calmly walked towards a cow-dressing ninja and his daughter.

"Ne, Zabuza-sensei, mind if we have a spar?" he asked innocently.

"Rules?" the two turned towards Haku, who always, and I mean always, gives them rules to stop the fight from breaking out too much.

However, this day, it was different.

"Just make sure you don't kill each other,"

"Alright!" Just as they were about to start, Haku decided to interrupt.

"Actually, can I join you?"

". . .okay?"


The two missing nins decided to have Naruto fight the both of them. Naruto, being himself, made a blood clone to fight Haku while he fights Zabuza. A blood clone is much like a carbon copy of a person, with the memories, fighting styles, and all. It was infused with a person's own blood and chakra, so it doesn't disappear with a single hit.

"You really love that jutsu, Haku-chan!" Naruto remarked, swiftly dodging a barricade of senbon needles, his hands made into a rat handsign. As he completed a series of handsigns for a jutsu, the ice user decided to put things up a notch.

"Ice Release: Demonic Ice Mirrors!" she yelled, successfully trapping the blood clone in. Naruto frowned a bit, before yelling out his jutsu.

"Fire Style: Great Fire Dragon Technique!"

Haku enforced her mirrors with another wave of chakra, so it doesn't disappear at the onslaught of fire. Quickly thinking, she moved from one mirror to another, attempting to confuse the blond trapped within.

Unfortunately for her, Naruto was a trained sensor, so he was able to track her movements very carefully. He brought up one of his twin swords to block a few senbons and took out a few kunais.

"Ready when you are, Haku-nee-chan!"


Zabuza swung his giant sword at the silent start of the fight, making the blond jump back to regain some distance. Pulling out his twin swords he charged at the swordsman, who was also lunging at him.

They were parrying blows, each attempting to strike a known blind spot, only to find it blocked. They looked like dancers in the battlefield, and the fight escalated quickly as the both of them decided to add ninjutsu into the fight.

"Water Style: Water Dragon!" Zabuza shouted, only to see the blond disappear and reappear behind him.

"Wind Style: Whirlpool Vortex!" Naruto also yelled from behind him, making Zabuza's eyes widen inconsiderably at the size of the brewing tornado.

"Holy shit, gaki, did you manage to finish that jutsu?" Zabuza yelled, trying to escape the wind, with the keyword being trying as he got sucked into the vortex.

"Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!" Naruto breathed a stream of fire and headed it for the tornado, which gladly accepted the fire. Now, it became a fire vortex, destroying anything in its path.

"Are you trying to kill me?!" Zabuza yelled as he managed to switch himself with a clone. Naruto blinked blankly at him.


"Dammit brat!"

* * * * *
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