[Black Hell] Chapter One: The Ninja Academy

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"Unfortunately," Naruto began, leaving his 'father' dumbstruck. "I want to have my own apartment."

"...fine." Minato stared at the bandaged eye of his youngest son. "But you will be joining the Ninja Academy."

"Hai, Lord Hokage."


'Kit, wake up.'

Naruto sighed and groaned. 'Hai, Kurama-sama.'


The said boy ignored him and went to the bathroom. A quarter of an hour later, Naruto emerged from the shower, a towel draped over his head and body. He got into a black-and-blue shirt with matching pants and jacket. He wore the usual ninja sandals and went to the kitchen.

'Kit~' Kurama called him, using his creepy tone. And yet, Naruto ignored him, continuing to fry the eggs.

'Naruto, ANSWER ME!'

That remark was ignored by the Kyuubi's host.

'NARUTO!' Kurama screamed, a tick mark on his forehead.

'Yes?' Naruto asked, feigning innocence.

'Why yo—never mind.' Kurama grumbled something about cute and deadly blondes before going to sleep.

'Lazy fluffball.' Naruto remarked, hearing his best friend's soft snores.

He ate his breakfast quickly and locked his apartment, casting a forcefield around it before dashing to the Academy.

As Naruto hopped in from the open glass windows, a certain brown-haired teacher was walking in the classroom, surprised to see a student up this early.

It's 4:27 in the morning, don't judge.

"What're you reading?" Iruka questioned.

"A scroll." Naruto answered simply, making Iruka get a microscopic tick mark on his head by his bluntness.

"What is it all about?"

"Something." Again, Iruka got a tick mark.

"You're the new student, right?


"Wait. Is that about Justus?"

Naruto bobbed his head up and down. "And yes, I know my chakra nature." he cut in before Iruka could ask, recalling a distant memory when he was training with Kurama.


It was a sunny day at the forest, hence, the Nine Tails decided to train his jinchuriki. But first, he needed to know his chakra nature.


"Yeah?" came Naruto's reply. "Wait a minute—I need to get somethi—ouch!" he murmured something the fox couldn't understand.

"Place your chakra on the piece of paper." Kurama instructed. "That's Chakra Paper. It shows your chakra affinities or its nature."

Naruto did as he was told, watching silently in awe as the paper ripped into six. The first part turned black before turning into ashes, the second one got sliced apart, the third one glowed white, the fourth piece got soaked in water, the fifth one dissolved and came back, then disappeared completely, and the last one simply glowed dark.

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