When class was over we made our way to the next one in silence until I decided to speak up.

"Before we go to the grocery store can we go to the nail salon? I really need a manicure."

"No." He said as we began to climb the stairs.


"Because I'm not going to a nail salon."

"Oh my God it's not like you're getting your nails done you'll just be sitting there."

He huffed.


He rolled his eyes at me.

As we were leaving my next class and going to the caf for lunch, I got a text from Travis asking me to join him for lunch at the sandwich place.

"Can we go to the sandwich place instead?" I asked Harry.


"Because I'm just in the mood for a sandwich."

He seemed to be okay with it and we turned around to go to the new lunch spot.

I noticed Travis waiting for me outside and I waved when he caught my eye and smiled.

"You're fucking kidding me." Harry then snapped his head in my direction to glare at me.

"What?" I played dumb but I knew he saw right through me.

"You little-"

"Princess?" I interrupted him and then gave him an angelic smile before skipping my way to Travis.

"Hey." He grinned before kissing my cheek.

"Hi." I kissed his cheek back. "Ready for lunch?"

"You bet."

Travis paid for my lunch and his and then we sat at a table for two, Harry having to sit at one next to us by himself.

It was too funny.

He kept making faces while Travis flirted with me, and that became more annoying rather than amusing when I made a flirtatious remark to Travis and Harry fake gagged.

"So what are your plans for this weekend?" Travis asked me.

"I don't know. I think it's Jamie's first game of the season so maybe i'll go to that."

"Well if you don't, i'd love to hang out with you."

"I'll see what my plans are." I winked.

When we left he hugged me and kissed my cheek again before we headed our separate ways.

"That should be classified as torture." Harry muttered as we walked.

"Why? Jealous?" I smirked but he short me a dirty look.

"Hearing him talk made me want to cut my ears off."

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