Chapter 31 It's me.. Your...Mom

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*Chapter 31 It's me.. Your... Mom*

"I'll get it." Gio said as he walked to the door and I followed. He then opened the door, Aria smiled while dropping her stuff and leapt at me. I hugged her back with a smile.

"Allie! I've been looking all over Cali for you, I missed you so much!" She said as she started to cry.

"I have so much to tell you and I missed you too!" As I said while crying. She broke the hug and we wiped each other's tears.

"I'm not letting you leave."

"Allie, Now that I found you. Good luck making me leave." She laughed. Everyone else walked to the door. She saw Taylor and Daimon and Luca.

"LUCA!" She screamed and ran and jumped on him. He caught her and spun her. Luca chuckled and passed her to Daimon. Daimon hugged her and passed her to Taylor who hugged her and set her down.

"HELLO PEOPLE I DON'T KNOW!" She smiled. I heard someone clear their throats. I looked and saw. Domenico Bianchi

"DOM!!" I shouted. I ran to him. His eyes widened.

"W-W-Wait!! ALLIE!!" He shouted. He put his stuff down. I jumped and tackled him to the ground. He chuckled and hugged me.

"Still the same Allie but something's changed you. Aria and I have both noticed," he whispered.

"Now. Get off me!" he whined. I sat on him.

"NO." I pouted.

"ALLIE!" He whined. Everyone laughed.

"Woo! Go Allie!." Aria cheered. I laughed. I got up and helped Dom up.

"Luca... I'm not letting them leave," I pouted. Luca, Daimon, and Taylor laughed.

"We know. I called them Allie. They will be living with us. So they can stay." Luca laughed. I cheered.

"Why don't you two get settled but not too settled because we will be moving into a bigger house in a couple days. Then you guys can get settled settled. They nodded. We walked inside. Taylor and Daimon showed them upstairs and helped them with their stuff. I sat down on the sofa with the everybody else and told them a little bit about the two. A few minutes later,Taylor, Daimon, Aria and Dom walked in and sat down. Aria and Dom looked at each other, then back at me.

"Allie...The reason we came to find you is because a) I missed you and b) our mom died but she left this envelope to you." Aria said. She handed them to me. I got up and took them. I sat back down. I opened the envelope. I pulled out a stapled papers. I put the envelope on the table. It was a letter.

Dear Alessandra,

It's me.. Your mom..

I gasped and kept reading.

*an hour later*

Tears felt falling. I put the letter down and looked into the envelope and found a small envelope. I opened it and it was a paperwork and a check stating all of her money went to Luca. I put check and paperwork down and picked the letter up. I finished reading the last page.

"MAMMA!" I cried.

"Mi manchi mamma! Voglio che la mia mamma!!," I cried and shouted. (I Miss you Mommy! I want my mommy!!) I got up and ran out the back door. I heard my name being screamed and shouted. I kept running. I fell to the ground next to the lake. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up and found Dom. He kneeled down and I hugged him.

"Ho bisogno di lei. Voglio che la mia mamma!" I sobbed. (I need her. I want my mommy!) He rubbed my back.

"So baby ma ricordate che sta guardando sopra di voi. In modo sorriso per lei e calma." He said. (I know baby but remember she's watching over you. So smile for her and calm down.)

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