Chapter 26 Stay Away From Her

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*Chapter 26 Stay Away From Her*


"ALLIE WAKE YOU LAZY BUT! WE HAVE SCHOOL AND YOU HAVE YOUR MEETING," Nolan screamed for the 10th time. I groaned and got up.

"I'm up," I sighed.

"Finally! You would have totally slept in. If it wasn't for me," He exclaimed throwing his hands in the air. I laughed. I grabbed shorts, white top, and silver cardigan. I took a quick shower. I put on my outfit. I left my hair down and straightened it. I put on my black knee-high boots. I walked out. Nolan handed me a plate of pancakes. I ate them real fast. While Nolan made the bed and cleaned the place up a bit. He threw our old clothes in the hamper. I grabbed my purse. I put my Keycard, phone, journal, and planner inside my purse. Nolan grabbed my laptop.

"Let's go," I said. I grabbed my car keys. We walked out. He closed the door behind him. I put the plate beside my door. We took the elevator down to the garage. We walked to my car. We got in. I started it up. I put my purse in the back. I backed out and drove to starbucks. I bought 2 ice tea mochas with extra whip cream. Then I drove to school. I parked my car next to the BMW. I grabbed my purse, and mocha. I locked the car. Nolan and I walked into the school through the main entrance. We walked into the Office.

"I'll see you in detention," He winked and laughed. I playfully pushed him.

"See you there trouble," I laughed. He laughed and walked out the office and headed down to his classes. I sat down and waited. A few minutes later Dr. Amati walked in. The Principal walked in.

"Come in Alessandra," She said. I got up and followed Dr.Amati into her office. I closed the door.

"Who might this be?" she asked.

"I'm Dr.Amati. Her therapist," He said holding his hand out. She shook his hand.

"You are here why?" She asked.

"To tell you something. Regarding the whole situation between Alessandra and Christoforo and Elizabeth Tonelli," He said. She nodded.

"I'm listening," She said.

"No I don't think you are. You say you are but you aren't. If we're listening then you would have listened to my client here and kept the 2 away from her. But you disregarded her many attempts to explain herself and you failed to listen to her," he said.

"You can not make false accusations against me. Dr. Amati. I am a principal of over 4,000 students. I don't have time to pay attention to a petty family feud. I'm trying the best I can ," She sneered.

"It's not petty. Do you realize the gravity of this situation? You suggested Anger Management classes. She agreed and you knew full well that the person teaching that class was Christoforo. If you were trying you could have replaced him with Mr.Biggs. Who can handle her but you didn't. If you were trying you would have replaced Christoforo as the detention supervisor with Ms. Green, but you failed and did not do that either. Your responsibility as the principal is to make sure these students feel safe in this school and to take care of these students. How can you be a principal when you are failing to take care of 1 issue. If this one student feels unsafe, scared to the point where she ran away for 4 weeks. Then How are you remotely trying?!" He argued.

"If you really think you're trying then call all the students into the gym and let me ask them," He said.

"Fine," She said. She picked up the phone.

"All Students and Staff report to the Gym immediately," She said angrily.

We got up. I followed Dr.Amati and the principal. Once the gym was filled. We walked inside.

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