Becoming Beautiful

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Authors Note


It's just plain rude. Many of you will think that "hey didn't I read or see these characters in another book," and I am telling you myself. The names can be coincidences. You know Great minds think alike. This book contains my story plots, ideas, characters and etc. I have written this book with my best friend Lauren.

Copyright © Divya Patel & Lauren Heaston

Lauren Heaston & I have copyrights to this book. Please don't use any story plots or anything without my consent. If you would like use something from my book. Message me and ask. Here are some rules for my book.

1) NO HATE! Now I get that that you might Love what's happening in the story and you give me constructive criticism, but under no circumstance Hate comments will be allowed. If I see a hate comment I will delete you comment. Besides if you're just going to be rude and if you don't like the book then simply don't read it. It's that simply.

2)ADVERTISEMENT, If you want to advertise your book. You may message me privately or on my message book and I will advertise your book, but please don't do it in the comments. Also if feel free to advertise my book with my consent.

And Finally

3) HAVE FUN READING. Be prepared for laughter, sadness and being just plain angry. :D You better have fun and laugh....

So with alll of that being said. I hope we cleared some things up.Now I give you my fifth book on wattpad!


Remember that one girl that always does her homework, gets good grades, is in all honors classes, wears sweatshirts and pants. Doesn't follow the rules, always gets in trouble. No! Okay Well.... Do you know anyone by the name of Rebel Allie. Yeah....Of course you know her because I'm Rebel Allie. I'm everything you say I am. I'm ugly, stupid, disgusting, a shame, and a mistake. Okay, here's the thing. I have 2 older brothers, and no parents. Please hold that fake "I understand" face or the sad face. I don't need your fake sympathy. You don't know what it's like. It hurts. After My mamma and papa died, I changed. It hit me hard and I became who I am today, but I will change. I will become beautiful. 

Alessandra Elisabetta Valentini- 17 yrs old, Loves family, Hates Boys, Loves Singing Played by Selena Gomez

Luca Dante Valentini - 28 yrs old, Guardian, Lawyer, Loving, Caring, Protective of Alessandra. Played by Carmine Signorelli

Daimon Michaelangelo Valentini - 27 yrs old, Nice, is a Jerk, player, Guardian, Police, Protective of Alessandra Played by Nick Bateman

Chiara Rosa Tonelli- 27 yrs old, Loves her brothers, Giovanni's Twin,

Giovanni Marco Tonelli- 27 yrs old, College, bad boy, Arrogant, is a jock, player, Over protective of Chiara and Elizabeth, Chiara's Twin, Step Brother to the Valentini's, Played by Pietro Boselli

Ricciardo Carter Tonelli-19 yrs old, Singer, Jerk, Caring, Played by Andrea Denver

Christoforo Mariano Tonelli-21 yrs old, Arrogant, cocky jerk, player , teacher , played by Mariano Di Vaio

Elizabeth Rose Tonelli- 17yrs old, Played by Nina Dobrev

Leonardo Nicolo Tonelli- soon to be Newborn.

Kyle Scott Powers- 17 years old. Allie's best friend. School's QB. Protective of Allie played by Dylan O'Brien.

Jax Nicolas DeAngelis- 18 yrs old, Shy, Reserved, Excels in anything he does, Rank #1 in school, Good Fighter. Protective of Allie Played by Nolan Funk

Max Marcello DeAngelis- 18 yrs old,Excels in anything he does, Rank #2, Bad Boy/ Famous Boxer, Has a soft spot for Bella. Protective of Allie and Bella. Played by Casey Deidrick

Arabella Celestina Vega- 17 yrs old, Best Friends with Alessandra, Likes Max Played by Victoria Justice.

Serena Claire Rose- 17 yrs old

Abrielle Brynn Rose-28 yrs old, Serena's Sister

Nicolo Sam Montoya 18 yrs old- Protective of Allie Best friends with Jax, Max, and Elijah. Played by Cody Christian

Elijah James Bryce 18 yrs old- Chiara's older brother, Best friends with Jax, Max, and Nicolo. Protective of Allie

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