Chapter 2 Was I just a tool to you?

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*Chapter 2 Was I just a tool to you?*

*Allie's P.O.V*

Then hung up. I fell to the ground. He grabbed both our backpacks. He walked to me and put his arms around my waist. He hoisted me up. We walked out of the classroom. We walked down the hall to the school garden. We sat down by the tree.

"Breath Allie," he whispered. I started seeing black dots everywhere.

"Come on. Breathe and calm down baby girl," he said rubbing my back. My breathing got heavier and I started crying.

"Shit," He cursed. He pulled his phone out and started typing. Then put it away. A few minutes later. Jax, Nicolo, Elijah and Max came running in. Jax picked me up and sat me down in his lap. I buried my face in his chest. I was breathing heavily.

"Shhh," Max whispered. Max rubbed my back. Slowly, my breathing went back to normal.

"You okay now?" Elijah asked. I nodded.

"Care to tell us the whole story now," Nicolo said. We sat in a circle. I told them everything.

*An hour later*

"So that's my whole story," I sighed.

"So Elizabeth Tonelli is your Step-Sister?" Nicolo asked.

"Yeah. She is, they only difference between us is that she has parents and I don't. She has everything I've always wanted but never had. Even though she has all that, she still won't appreciate it. Which annoys me. I hate my dad and his new family. My goal is to avoid them," I said.

"You can't do that. You're going to have to talk to them at some point," Elijah said

"He killed my mom. He's the reason she isn't alive right now. I can't forgive him," I said.

"We understand," Max said.

"Hey Allie. Show them the pic we took in detention," Kyle laughed. I unlocked my phone and went to photos. I showed them the pic. They laughed.

"Tag me in the pic when you post it kay," Kyle laughed. I forced a smile and nodded. Jax narrowed his eyes at me. I smiled. He pulled his phone out and texted me.

Jax: Meet me by the closed back Gym hallway after this

Me: Okay.

Kyle got a ding. He pulled out his phone and started scrolling and reading something. His expression slowly changed to all sorts of emotions. His calm, relaxed composure changed to a stiffened, uneasy posture. His eyebrows furrowed together in anger. His hands clenching and unclenching, like he was trying to prevent himself from bursting out in anger. He looks as if he might kill someone. His eyes changed to slits, and his jaw tensed up. His once calm, relaxed demeanour was now consumed by rage and anger. His smile disappeared only to be replaced by an angry frown.

"Hey Kyleeeee! You okay," I laughed. Everyone turned and looked at him. He got up. We moved away from him a bit. He punched the tree.

"Did you think I wouldn't see this?" He said looking at me with anger radiating off of him.

"I'm sorry, see what?" I laughed.


"Play what game? What are you going on about," I lied. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me out of the courtyard garden. He walked down the hall pulling me behind him.

"Kyle, dude, calm down and let her go," Elijah said.

"Come on let her go," Nicolo tried. He kept on walking. Max pulled him back.

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