Chapter 24 Is Everything Okay?

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*Chapter 24 Is everything okay?*

After I got the stuff I wanted to bring, I got in my car. I looked at the time 4:40pm. Daimon knocked on the window.

"I'm sorry Allie, it will get better," he said.

"That's what everyone says, but it won't. Bye Daimon," I said and drove off. I called Jackson.

"Hey Allie, is everything okay?"

"Can I come over?"

"Of course, see you when you get here."

I hung up the phone and continued to drive. I don't know what's happening. I knocked on Jackson's door and he opened it. I walked in and hugged him.

"Is everything okay?" he asked hugging me back.

"Luca kicked me out of the house. I went to the class today. The teacher was Christoforo and Luca knew it was. He should have known I wouldn't put up with it," I said sitting down.

"Wow, he can't do that to you. That Christoforo guy is a jerk. He's done so many things to you and Luca is blaming it on you. I'm calling him right now," he grabbed his phone and I shook my head.

"Can I just go to sleep? You don't have to call him. It's fine. I won't stay another night."

"Stay as long as you want Allie," he said. Nolan, Blake, and Ethan walked in.

"What are you two doing here?" Jackson pointed to Blake and Nolan.

"They just came to hang out," Ethan said.

"I'm sorry Allie, I didn't know they were coming," he said to me. Blake looked at me. I went to the guest bedroom. I need to get my own place. I can't be a bother to the guys. I can sell my BMW i8s and get some cash. Then I can rent a place and stay there for a while. I can get a job so I can continue to support myself. Also, I think there's a therapist downtown and a Boxing gym. I should take it one step at a time. First selling the car. I got up and walked downstairs. They were sitting on the sofa.

"Ethan," I said. He looked up and looked at me.

"Yea," He said.

"You still have my Convertible right," I asked.

"Yea. It's all painted and in my garage," he said.

"Will you buy my convertible and BMW I8s from me," I asked. He sat up straight.

"But then you won't have a car," He said.

"I have my Lamborghini in the driveway," I said.

"Okay then you have a deal. The selling price for both is 150,000. So that's 300,000 total. You get the BMW. I'll go get the cash," Ethan smirked.

"Deal," I said.

"Nolan drive me," I smiled. He got up.

"What are you going to do with the money,"Jackson asked.

"Live in a hotel or rent a place. Then use the rest of the money to go to a boxing gym and a therapist in L.A. I mean this is Cali. I think I can find a decent gym and therapist. Right? Also I'll get a job at the Cosplay Cafe Downtown," I explained.

"You have this planned out," Blake said.

"I didn't want to be a bother and impose on you guys. So I thought of it. Anyway. Nolan let's go," I smiled. Nolan and Ethan got up.

"We'll be back,"Nolan said. We walked out. Ethan walked to his car.

"Ethan.Take good care of my cars. I promise I'll buy them back Once I save up the money," I said. He nodded.

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