Chapter 25 I'm a Freaking Bawse!!!!

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*Chapter 25 I'm a Freaking Bawse*

I took a deep a breath.

"It's okay. Continue," he said. I nodded and continued.

*2 hours later*

*6:40 pm*

I finished telling him.

"So after this I'm going to go pay for a hotel. Then run to the bank and open my credit card backup and transfer my own money in there. Then go to the Cosplay Cafe for a job interview," I said. He finished writing everything down. He put the paper aside and folded his hands and leaned forward.

"You're smart, Intelligent, and you have a clue as to what to do next. So tell me, and be honest, How do you feel?" He asked. Those 4 words. The words I've been ignoring and put away.

"I...... I feel broken. I feel tired. I feel hurt, mad, angry, and mostly betrayed," I cried. He sat down next to me and rubbed my back.

"Why is it always me? Why does this always happen to me?" I cried.

"It's okay. Let it out," He said. I sat there and cried.

"A volte avete bisogno di grido e lasciate fuori tutto. Allora iniziamo fresco," He said. (Sometimes you need to cry and let it all out. Then start fresh.)

"Why don't they understand? Why don't they see that Elizabeth hurts me? That Christoforo hurts me. Why is everyone taking their sides," I cried.

"By the looks of it. Your friends out there. They haven't taken their sides. They are with you and standing by you. Surround yourself with people like that. I want you to clear your mind and stay away from the Tonelli's until further notice. I'll write a note to the principal. Better, I'll come tomorrow and talk with her about this. If they keep getting around you and saying the stuff they do. You'll be back to square one. You'll be broken all over. As far as I can see. You're slowly putting yourself back together again and I know you can do it. So I'll come in tomorrow and talk with her," He said. He got up and walked to his desk. He got a journal and pen.

"Also what I want you to do is keep a journal. Write down your thoughts, feelings, and what has happened every day in here. Now. I'll see you again every Tuesda and Friday," he said. I nodded. I wiped my tears.

"Thank you for listening and understanding," I said. He smiled.

"It's my job," He said. I walked out and to the waiting area. Where everyone was sitting.

"Let's go," I said.

"Okay. Blake, Jackson and, I will go to the hotel and get you settle down there. You and Ethan can go to the Bank," Nolan said. I nodded.

"My stuff is in the Lambo. So I'll give you the keys and ride with Ethan to the bank and meet you at the bank. Text me the Room number," I said. He nodded. I gave Nolan my keys. We walked outside to the cars. I got in with Ethan. We drove to Gold Star Bank. He parked. We walked in.

"Alessandra Valentini," I said to the Clerk.

"Go on in. She's waiting for up in her office,"She said. We walked inside and to Ms. Palmer's office. I knocked.

"Come in," She said. We walked inside and sat down. I gave her my card. She started typing.

"Here's the cash. I'd like to put in the card," I said. I gave her the leftover money. Which is a total of $299,890. She took the money.

*A while later*

"You're all ready to go," She smiled. I took the card and put it in my purse. We got up.

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