Chapter 16 Will you be mine?

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*Chapter 16 Will you be mine?*

After I got out of the shower, Kyle got in and I layed down. I was tired and needed rest but couldn't got to sleep. Thirty minutes later, Kyle got out of the bathroom and plopped down beside me on the bed. He faced me and smiled. I yawned.

"Someone's tired," he said laughing. I nodded.

"So, I'm just going to say this. Every time we are about to kiss, something always comes up," he smirked.

"Yeah, I have noticed. Maybe, it's a sign," I said laughing. He gave me a pouty face. I leaned in and kissed him. He smiled.

"We weren't interrupted that time, now were we?" I smirked. He just sat there. He didn't smile or anything, just sat there. "Um, not the response I was looking for, you okay?" I asked him scooting closer.

"Yeah, I am. Can I ask you something Allie?" he asked me. You could tell by the look on his face that he was nervous.

"Anything you want Ky, you know that," I said. He looked at me.

"Well, I was wondering if you want to be more than just my bestfriend?" he smiled.

"Of course I want to," I said. I must have had this weird look on my face because his smile faded.

"What's wrong Al," he asked. Should I tell him how I'm feeling? Of course I should.

"Okay, look, I'm going to tell you what I think and you can't get mad," I said and he nodded.

"I always thought you were too good for me. Still do. You can get any girl you want and you spend your time with me. All the girls say it and you know it. You're like this popular guy that everybody likes. You get good grades and you make everyone laugh. I'm like this girl that does her homework and gets in trouble a lot. I have a lot of people that don't like me. I have a lot of family drama and I always make you worry. I don't like it, but it's my life and I have to live it. No matter how messed up it is, but I don't have to drag you down with me," I said looking at him. He smiled.

"Allie, I wouldn't want anyone else. We are more alike than you think. I mean, you explained it. We both did our homework for the whole year and still manage to get in trouble. I love having someone to have fun with. I love everything about you. You never will be dragging me down with you because I will try my best to make sure you never go down. And if you do, I will be along for the ride and it will be my decision. I try to tell you and show you how beautiful you really are without actually giving it away that I'm trying. You don't get it. You don't need to change. I love your family drama, we all have it. I worry because I love you. All the other girls are cliches, but you are an original and you better believe it. Will you be mine," he said.

"I would love to be your girlfriend Kyle," I said smiling at him. He smiled back. I layed my head on his chest and closed my eyes.

"Goodnight Allie," he said.

"Night Ky," I said falling asleep.

*Next Morning 12:00*

*October 18, 2017*

Granny knocked on the door and I jumped and my eyes shot open.

"It's time to get up. We have a busy day and breakfast is on the table," she yelled. I got up and stretched. I went to the kitchen and everybody must have been waiting on me because they were all sitting down already.

"Good evening sleepy head," Luca said smiling.

"Good evening," I walked by him and messed up his hair. He gave me the death stare and fixed it. I laughed. After we ate, everybody went and started getting ready. I was in the bathroom, washing my face and someone knocked on the door.

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