Chapter 20 Please Don't tell

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*Chapter 20 Please don't tell*

I looked at her, got in my car, and drove to Nolan's house. I knocked on the door.

"Hey Al, what's wrong," he asked letting me in. Blake was sleeping on the couch. I think. I can never tell if he's sleeping or not. I hugged Nolan and smiled.

"Thank you for everything. I know that everyone will hate me for what I'm about to do after I leave here. It's nobody's fault. It's my own for being so blind for all these years," I said.

"What are you going on about," He questioned. I laughed.

"Are you drunk? Do you have a fever or something?" He asked. I laughed again.

"No. I'm just done. I'm not doing this anymore. If anyone comes here asking about me. Tell them that no matter what they do, they won't find me. Tell them I'm done. This is my breaking point and I'm done. Thank you for everything. Take care," I smiled. I kissed his cheek. I walked to Blake.

"Thank you all for trying. Thank you for everything. Take care. Mr. Bad Boy," I smiled and kissed his cheek. I got up. Blake grabbed my hand and pulled me down.

"Where exactly do you think you're going?" He asked.

"Somewhere. A place where I can think and pull myself back together. A place where I won't be a burden to anyone or hurt anyone. A place where I can finally be myself," I said looking down at him.

"You- you think you're a burden? Well, you're not Allie. You can stay here with us. We won't-" He said.

"I am not staying here. You guys will see this is for the best. Don't worry about me," I said. Nolan was looking at me and I walked up to him.

"It's kind of hard not to. You can't just make me care and then walk out of my life," he said. I smiled.

"I didn't make you care, that was all on you," I smirked, hugged him, and walked out.

I don't know where I was going or what I was doing. I am more of a last minute person. Where is that one place I can go and they wouldn't tell? And then it came to me. I got in my car and started driving to Ethan's house. If there is one place I can go and nobody would find me, it would be his house. His house was huge and surrounded by trees and nobody knew where he lived. He didn't have neighbors and it was pretty far from where I lived and from where Nolan lived. Nolan, Blake, and Ethan are friends but if you don't want Ethan to tell, he won't. I know he won't. I pulled up to his house and parked the car. I grabbed my phone and purse. I walked up to his door and rang the doorbell.

"Allie?" He said rubbing the back of his neck. I looked at him. His eyes softened.

"Come in," He said. I walked in and he closed the door. We walked to the sofa and sat down. The maid walked in.

"Anything I can get you two. Sir," She said.

"Coffee," he said. She nodded and left.

"What's up?" He asked. I explained everything to him. I told him about the friendship, Kyle, my dad's family, my own family, the break up, and about me being a burden. Also about me staying with him for a day. He hugged me.

"Please. Don't tell anyone that you know where I am. Please. Keep it a secret," I asked.

"Of course," He smiled. I faked a smile.

"No more fake smiles okay," He said. I nodded.

"Come on. It's late. We need rest," He said. I nodded. I followed him up the stairs. We walked into his room. I sat on the bed. He threw me a shirt. I took my shirt off and put it on. I curled up on his bed. He got in and hugged me.

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