Chapter 10 Sorry I'm late your honor

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*Chapter 10 Sorry I'm late your honor*

I walked upstairs and to my room. I opened the door. Kyle was sitting on my bed. I walked in and closed my door.

"The others went to a drag race," He said. I nodded. I walked into my closet. I grabbed the box full of stuff when I was younger and some stuff from the past few weeks. I walked out and put it on the bed. I walked back inside. I grabbed a white with pink floral romper, a cream cardigan, and blueish silver heels. I walked out and laid my outfit down on the table. I walked to my bed. I got Luca's old video camera out and put it in charging. I grabbed my old notebooks, Daimon's old camera and my old teachers letters. I put all my papers, and notebooks into a folder. I put the old camera into charging. I slide the box under my bed.

"All that evidence should be enough and if it isn't I have a lot of experience to talk about. Can you come tomorrow," I asked Kyle.

"I was going to come whether you told me to or not. Did you think I would leave you like that. Please," He said sassily. I laughed. I looked at the time. It was 11 pm.

"Wow time goes by fast. You wanna stay over? I have your clothes from last time you stayed over. The clothes are washed," I said. He nodded. He texted his parents then put his phone in charging. I turned my alarm on for 11. I turned the lights off and laid down on my bed. Kyle hugged me. I cuddled closer to him.

*11:00 p.m*

I got up. I heard the shower running from the guest room Kyle usually stays in. I walked to my bathroom. I brushed my teeth and took shower. I put on my robe. I dried my hair. I left it wavy. I used my tresemme hair mousse. I took deep breath and looked at myself in the mirror.

Am I trying too hard?

Am I a bad sister?

Am I a disappointment to my brothers?

I shook the thoughts out of my head and put on my outfit. I put on mascara, blush and eyeliner. I put on my golden heart locket. I opened it and there was a picture of my mom on one side and a picture of my brothers on the other side. I walked out of my bathroom. I grabbed my purse, the folder, old video camera and old camera. I walked downstairs and into the kitchen. Kyle handed me a blueberry with strawberry smoothie and the keys to my silver ferrari laferrari. We walked out of the house. I locked the door and got into the driver's seat. Kyle got into the passenger's seat. I looked at the time. It's 1:40. SHIT!

"WE'RE LATE AGAIN!," Kyle and I shouted. I pulled out of the driveway and raced down to the court house.

*15 minutes later*

I parked the car. I grabbed the folder, camera and the video camera. We got out and I locked the car. We walked into the courthouse. We walked down the hall. I took a deep breath and opened the doors to the courtroom. Everyone turned and looked at us. We walked down the aisle. I sat down next to Luca. Kyle sat behind me next to Taylor, Daimon and my mom's side of the family. The guys, Bella, My principal, Ms.Ida, and Mr.Bigs were here.

"Sorry I'm late your honor. Traffic was horrible," I smiled.

"It's quite alright. Let's get started shall we. If you will can you please come up to the stand Ms.Valentini," The judge said. I nodded. I got up and walked to the stand. I took the oath.

"Also. Please just call me Allie or Alessandra. Ms. Valentini makes me sound old," I said. Everyone started laughing. The judge pounded his malet. Everyone got quiet.

"Very well. The prosecution may start," He said. Mr. Beauregard got up. He thanked the judge and walked to me.

"Alessandra Elisabetta Valentini right," he said.

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