Yes I said it I'm in love with the Fat Girl[20]

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Chapter 20

Peter looked at his son's body. He heard the door open behind him. Kahlan stood next to him

"How is he?" Kahlan asked

"They say he may never wake up" Peter sighed he was all cried out.

"God," Kahlan looked away

"I ah will leave you two with yourselves" peter walked out and Kahlan moved over and took Brandon's cold hand.

"Is this my fault?" Kahlan held back tears. Kahlan squeezed his hand but his didn't move "Oh god Brandon I didn't mean it I was just trying to keep my heart safe. Bandon you can't die." Kahlan cried out and sat in the nearby chair.

Stacy and Griffin walked in and Kahlan stood.

"Oh Kit-Kat" Griffin walked over and pulled her into a hug.

"What did you do run him down with your car?" Stacy walked to Brandon in tears

"I have to go." Kahlan grabbed her bag "Bye" Kahlan left and walked to Cody "Let's go home"

"Will he be okay?" Cody said

"He may never wake up." Kahlan leaned on Cody for support "He wrapped his truck around a poll to avoid a young girl in the road. Dear god he may never wake up."

"I'm so sorry." Cody patted her back and led her to his car.

"I'm going to talk to peter real quick" Kahlan walked to Peter. "Mr. Fury can I come over to your house tonight?"

"Sure come eat dinner with us Ivy has been missing you." Peter forced a smile then was surprised when she hugged him. "You going to be okay Kahlan?"

"I miss you guys to, and I'm so sorry Brandon is well hurt." Kahlan cried a little

"Thanks for the,..." he was cut off by Dr. Cullen

"Sir he spoke." Cullen looked to Kahlan "He asked for you"

Kahlan broke out into a run, she ran back to his room.

"Kahlan, Kahlan?" Brandon was mumbling

"I'm here Brandon. I'm here" Kahlan pushed Stacy out of the way

"Kahlan" he opened his light green eyes "I love you." He touched her cheek then his hand slipped away and he was unconscious again

"No Brandon stay awake." Kahlan yelled her tears fell now hard and fast "you can't die on me Brandon!" she took his hand and squeezed his hand she felt her heart flutter when he squeezed back lightly .

The nurse came in and told everyone to leave so Kahlan final left the hospital Cody drove her to Rico's little place

Kahlan knocked at the door and Dawn answered it. "Auntie Kahlan!" Dawn shrieked out. Kahlan walked inside picking up dawn in her arms. "What wrong Auntie?" Dawn touched her cheek.

"Where are your parents?" Kahlan shut the door and sat Dawn down and fallowed her to the living room Alice was cleaning while Rico was asleep on the couch.

"Kahlan?" Alice looked up then shook Rico's foot "What wrong dear?"

"Brandon is in the hospital." Kahlan had a lump forum in her throat "he was driving and a little girl walked out into the road he swerve to avoid her then wrapped his truck around a poll. They said he may never wake up but he did just for a minute. He told me he loved me before he slipped away again." Kahlan dropped her head in her hands.

"Oh my," Alice walked to Kahlan. Kahlan stood and looked to her brother then Alice. She knew what she had to do but it scared her.

"I love him I have no clue why but he is all I want." Kahlan throw her arms up.

Alice looked to Rico and smiled "I knew it the way you guys acted showed it both of you are in love. You are soulmate's honey." Alice smiled and took Rico's hand.

"You need to tell him you love him Kay." Rico smiled and pulled Alice into his lap "Just in case he doesn't make it never live with regrets."

Kahlan pulled out her phone and called the only person she wanted to talk to right now. "See you guys later." Kahlan walked outside and started walking to the park.

"Hello?" The person on the other end said.

"Meet me at the park." Kahlan said then hung up she reached the park 15 minutes later.

"Okay Kit-Kat what did you need me here for?" Griffin walked over and slung his arm around her shoulders.

"Well Forks seeing how you're my best friend I want to ask you something." Kahlan smiled a sweet smile.

"What would that be?" Griffin asked

"Can I borrow your car?" Kahlan smiled at him.

"To do what?" Griffin held his keys over her head.

"Long story short I'm going to tell Brandon I love him but I have to get a few things first."

"Okay here you go Kit-Kat" He gave her the keys "But be safe"

"I will thank you Forks" She kissed him on the cheek then ran to his car.

She went to Carlton's home and ran inside grabbing her iPod and poetry book. She ran out of the house then to the lake. She felled a container with the water and she saw a rock shaped like a heart she placed it in her pocket. Her last stop was subway she got some food and made her way to the hospital. Once see walked in the door she saw Brandon be pushed to the surgery room. She ran to Peter.

"What is going on?" Kahlan asked

"The have to cut his head open he is bleeding into his skull." Ivy cried on her husband.

"Oh Dear god." Kahlan sunk into a chair and stayed to wait to see if he would make it out.

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