Yes I said it I'm in love with the Fat Girl[16]

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Chapter 16

Brandon put on a suit and looked at himself in the mirror. He huffed and rubbed his hand over his eyes.

"Never thought I would see you in a suit." Kahlan walked in she wore a skirt and a nice top. "Where are we going?" she walked over and loosened his tie.

"It a surprise." He placed his hand on hers.

"Aww come on tell me." She batted her eyelashes and pulled at his jacket.

"That's not fair." He tucked some of her hair behind her ear.

"What's not?" she closed her beautiful eyes.

"That whole batting your eyes at me." He kissed her then pulled her to his truck. Once they were on the road they were joking and laughing then he pulled up to a fancy restaurant. He got out and walked over to open her door and helped her out. She felt out of place here among the rich and famous, but she went along happily as long as her hand was in Brandon's.

Brandon throw his keys to the valet and pulled her inside once they were at the table. Brandon order for her then turned to her.

"This is all so fancy." Kahlan said then sighed

"Is it too much?" he asked and took her hand "I just wanted you have all you deserve."

"Aww," she smiled

He chuckled they talked about random things then their food showed up then they left laughing. Once back at his home Brandon say

his family was back home he smiled. "Let's go inside." He walked with her inside the house.

"There you two are." Ivy said with a smile. "Brandon I have a big surprise for you tomorrow so off to bed you two."

"Mom are you okay?" Brandon took hold of Ivy's hands

"Yes yes my child just go to bed." Ivy pulled him up stairs. "Night Kahlan!" she cried back

"Night to you both!" she chuckled and walked to her own house. She wasn't sleepy yet so she pulled her lap top in her lap and did next week's school work.

Brandon was woken up by Kate.

Kahlan was woken up by Ashley.

Once Brandon was dressed he walked to the guest house only to see Kahlan outside on the phone he walked up to her, she held up her hand.

"Yes Dad I'm going to school." Pause "yeah I'll try to come out for dinner." Pause "Bye dad." She hung up her phone. "Sorry about that let's get to school." She took his hand and walked to the truck.

"Thank god today is a half day." Brandon chuckled as they drove to school.

"So what was that big surprise your mom had for you?" she looked out the window.

"Not sure haven't got it yet." He yawned and pulled into the school parking lot. "See you soon." He kissed her goodbye.

Kahlan was walking to second period only to bump into a male. "Oh sorry."

"Ah no problem hey can you show me to room 408?" he asked

"Sure fallow me I have that class right now." Kahlan started walking. "I'm Kahlan and I'm guessing you're new."

"Yeah my sister and I just started today, I'm Griffin." He smiled

"That cool where you from?" Kahlan smiled


"Oh do you sparkle?" Kahlan laughed and so did he.

"Another Twi-Fan huh?" Griffin asked

"Yeah Duh!"

The school day was over and Brandon drove home with Kahlan once they pulled up They saw an unknown car in his drive. He walked in the house to find his mother with two people one boy and one girl.

"There you are Brandon do you remember..." she was cut off

"Griffin?" Kahlan said and Griffin chuckled.

"Wait Griffin as in Griffin Hart? So that means you're Stacy..." he was cut off when the blond girl throw her arms around his neck and kissed him

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