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On The Field by whyhell0
On The Fieldby Emilie
Anna Colier is a star athlete at Grey Leaf High. Shes absolutely obsessed with softball and refuses to let anyone come inbetween her & her dream to win the World Series...
The Simple Guide to Summer by undernotover
The Simple Guide to Summerby undernotover
Caroline starts her summer break at Softball Regionals where nothing goes as planned. An unexpected injury changes her perfect summer plans. Out of the shadows comes an...
Not Noticed by shcookies100
Not Noticedby SHcookies100
Lilliana is the typical nerd and she's always in the shadows. Her friends Grace and Lexi convince her to get a makeover to get boys. She agrees and gets a complete makeo...
C h a s i n g   D r e a m s ➮ C a r r i s o n by hanorgana
C h a s i n g D r e a m s ➮ C Han Organa
Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher have been together for four years. After the baseball and softball player met in college at Florida, they carried their relationship to C...
Living With Animals by SavWrites11
Living With Animalsby Sav
HIGHEST RANKINGS- #21 out of 6k in living- #1 out of 958 in Leukemia-#2 out of 1.06k in cancer patient Thanks to everyone for 600 reads and the rankings! Y'all are amazi...
┆ ₄ ;; TEEN PARENTS. ❝ where a hookup turns into a big life changing moment for the two teens, causing them to have many backstabbing moments with some softness ❀ :: ;;...
Stay || Benny The Jet Rodriguez by 1avery_rose23
Stay || Benny The Jet Rodriguezby Averyrose
"Please don't go. We all need you... I need you." Ella Moore was visiting her grandma over the summer. She becomes fast friends sandlot boys since they all sha...
FWB Friends With Baseball by YELIMVP
FWB Friends With Baseballby S
~Currently in a Revision Process; chapter titles ending with a period have been revised.~ Jailyn James is a 20-year-old college student attending UWM for her Sophomore y...
Married To Baseball by YELIMVP
Married To Baseballby S
******SEQUEL TO "FWB Friends with Baseball"****** Jailyn James-Yelich and Christian Yelich, the sports industries hottest couple as some of the most dominant a...
Home Is Where The Heart Is by MadisonJ30
Home Is Where The Heart Isby Madison Jennings
Natalie Ross has a lot of things to be known for at school; being student body president, being a softball superstar, or even the way she is able to Ace every test. But...
Remember Me? by Avatar_7
Remember Me?by Avatar_7
gender bend Korra. also known as korren. him and asami have been friends since they were young but asami had to move away unexpectedly. now they are both in college and...
Paradise: A Brittana Fanfic by thekid05
Paradise: A Brittana Fanficby thekid05
AU. Brittany and her family relocate to Hawaii. She meets a intriguing local girl who turns her world upside down- in the best way. Brittana Relationship/Pezberry friend...
Thunder storms by jool_is_not_cool
Thunder stormsby It’s_sammyyyy
Love is one thing we cannot control about anyone or even who we love he was a friend and I was just his friend that was it or at least that's what we thought but what ha...
35 by wckdwest
35by eliza
everyone's favorite softball and baseball relationship Cover by bellibomber on insta
My Bestfriends little sister by AshC006
My Bestfriends little sisterby Ash C
Lizzie Saltzman and Penelope Park have been bestfriends since they were 10. Lizzie's little sister Josie always wanted to tag along, but this year it was different.
Blind Love by AgoofyballPotato
Blind Loveby AgoofyballPotato
Taehyung, a young high school omega with the best grades and a very strong smell yet very delicious but sadly the most weakest person out there Jungkook a true blooded...
When I first met you/Catradora Highschool AU by brubbs1
When I first met you/Catradora Brubbs1
[COMPLETE] It is junior year for Catra and Adora. And love is in the air, they fall for each other immediately. Will the obstacles facing them corrupt their love, or wil...
friend group (paige bueckers) by sharpenough
friend group (paige bueckers)by sharpenough
Paige Bueckers was UCONN's IT girl. With guys praying for a chance, and girls hoping to catch her eye. The freshman walked the school like she's been there for 4 years...
Softball Cheers by LivingLife138
Softball Cheersby ThreeLivinGirls
Do you play softball? Do you want to cheer on your team? Then this book will be very helpful! Cheering is a way to distract the other team and focus your team! Goodluck^...