Yes I Said It I'm In Love with the Fat Girl[6]

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Chapter six

Kahlan woke up to bucket of water being poured on her. She cursed in Spanish at the person who did it only to be cursed back at in Spanish. She looked up to see Rico with a bucket in his hand.

"How did you get here?" Kahlan pushed the covers away.

"I let him in." Brandon was leaning in the door way.

"And you let him pour water on me?" She stood and looked at him.

"Well it was all his idea but I gave him the bucket." Brandon smiled his lovely smile that made her heart want to give out.

"Both of you are dumb ass jocks." She huffed then Rico took her arm and spoke to her in Spanish.

"Kay are you okay how bad did he hurt you this time?"

"Can't you see what he did to me?" Kahlan pulled down the collar of her shirt. There are perfect hand marks on her neck. "Do you want to see the rest?" she almost screamed. "Do you both want to see the rest?"

"You need to show me so I can talk to the cops." Rico said then looked to Brandon. "Thank you for being there for her when I couldn't be."

Brandon was quiet and looked from Rico to Kahlan then his eyes were just on Kahlan. "No Problem, you know you can stay here too.

The guest house is big enough for both of you."

"Man that would be amazing, can I really?" Rico asked

Kahlan cursed in Spanish at them both, then sighed and spoke in English. "Rico has his own little apartment." She looked to Rico. "Would you like to see the rest of the marks?"

"Yes show me Kay." Rico sat in a chair and waited.

"Are you staying or leaving?" she turned to Brandon.

"What do you want me to do?" Brandon wanted to take the pain away the busies on her face were so bright and took away from the beauty he saw.

"I really don't care you can stay I'm wearing a bra." Kahlan started to pull of her shirt. Brandon wanted to have the strength to walk away to give her the respect she deserved. But he was only a guy and when he saw the shirt being pulled off he felt the  

itch again. She had all the right curves that could make a man's mouth water even for a thick girl. Then he saw the busies all over her skin.

"Oh my God, you look as thou you have been ran over." Brandon walked over to her and she felt like she needed to pull back on her shirt so that what she did.

"I don't want to go to school today." Kahlan said fast and looked in Brandon's eyes. "Will you turn in my homework and can you bring my books back here?"

Brandon frowned a little he wanted to stay with her and take her pain away. "Sure no problem so you want to study here tonight?"

"Yes please." She flinched when she smiled from the pain he just nodded and walked out the door.

It was around 4:30 when Brandon walked to the guess house with his book bag along with hers. He opened the door and walked in. he heard nothing at first and was worried she left. Then he heard the shower and an idea he walked in the bedroom. He hide in her closet. He heard the shower stop and heard her footsteps; he smiled when he heard the bed room door open. He jumped out of her closet and she screamed and hit him on the head with a book.

"Jesus Kahlan I was just playing with you." Brandon rubbed his head then realized all she was wearing was a towel.

"Brandon why did you do that? Do you know what I have been thru?" Kahlan Said as she walked in the closet and closed the door. She turned on the light and got dressed.

"Sorry I just was trying to lighten the mood." He sat on the bed and rubbed his head that throbbed now. She walked out in shorts and tank top.

"Mood not lighten." She said and walked over and sat next to him.

"Tell me why you didn't stay with me?" Brandon looked at her and every time he did his heart ached.

"I needed to go home." She looked down.

"That bull and you know it I saw the fear in those big green eyes of yours." Brandon took her hand.

"I needed to go home he promised to stay sober he promised to change." She teared up and held his hand. "He told me that things would be better this time. He was going to AAA." He tilted her head up to look in her eyes. "Don't look at me like that." She said

"Like what." Brandon leaned a little closer.

"Like you actual have feelings for me. I'm just the fat softball player. And your Mr. Hunky quarter back." She sighed

"Oh Kahlan do me a favor." Brandon said  

"What would that be?" she asked

"Just shut up." He cupped her chin lightly and pulled her face to his. "Just shut the hell up." He touched his lips lightly to hers and felt her pulse speed up. He ran his hand down her neck and down her arm. She moaned lowly and it turned him on.

"Dude why are you kissing her?" Cody's voice came from the bedroom door way

Brandon pulled away but kept his hand in hers. "Why are you here?"

"Science project, your dad said we were studying in here." Cody looked at Kahlan "you look like crap Cupcake."

"Thanks just what I want to hear." Kahlan stood and looked at her hand that was in Brandon's. He smiled a small smile and stood.

"I guess we should get to work then." Brandon walked into the living room to the guess house and sat down pulling out his science book along with Kahlan's.

Cody watched Brandon take little looks of Kahlan and it pissed him off, one way or another he will have sex with her willing or not, he really didn't care how.

So they sat and studied.

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