Purity » Sweet Pea  by OneDarkSoul
Purity » Sweet Pea by « Anarchy »
Adeline Hart was the sweetest girl in Riverdale. Always seemed to have a smile on her pretty face. But behind every smile, there was a story. And her story was filled wi...
  • romance
  • adelinehart
  • teen
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Happier | Girl Meets World by whoarewereally1
Happier | Girl Meets Worldby 2004
Teresa Gomez moved away for the second time, and she doesn't like it. She loved Spain and she also loved Texas. She doesn't want to be in New York, she doesn't want anyt...
  • rileymatthews
  • farkleminkus
  • weird
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I Don't Wear Capes (Henry Danger Fanfiction) (COMPLETED) by lg_8989
I Don't Wear Capes (Henry Danger F...by L
Sarah made one decision last month, a big one. To work for Captain Man as his secret sidekick. The only thing; he, and Kid Danger don't know who she really is. And she'...
  • henryhart
  • hart
  • jacenorman
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say it again ➳ lucaya (completed) by mayaisms
say it again ➳ lucaya (completed)by liz
"who are you bringing to the wedding?" "my boyfriend." "i didn't think you had one..? what's his name?" lucaya au | girl meets world
  • friar
  • gmw
  • lucas
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New Girl (Girl Meets World) #wattys2017 by Lucyboo101
New Girl (Girl Meets World) #watty...by BRoast
They met on the subway. It wasn't that special to her. But then they meet at school, same classes. Maybe they would be friends? But they just can't know her past. She wo...
  • shawnhunter
  • wattys2017
  • friar
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twitter ➳ joshaya au by wxstedhearts
twitter ➳ joshaya auby spooky britt.
maya hart is obsessed with a certain twitter famous boy named josh after countless attempts, he finally notices her
  • matthews
  • joshua
  • rileymatthews
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or lie to me ➳ lucaya sequel (completed) by mayaisms
or lie to me ➳ lucaya sequel (comp...by liz
"just say it! please say it- s-say.. say it again." "i-" "or lie to me." | sequel to 'say it again.' | lucaya au |
  • gmw
  • friar
  • riarkle
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My song • Girl Meets World by acciomarauders
My song • Girl Meets Worldby valerie
Maya, Riley and Andy are the golden trio. They face the world together. But what happens when new feelings start the stir up between their group of friends? What happens...
  • friar
  • mayahart
  • hart
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BET ON ME (riarkle & lucaya) by fogelmaniac
BET ON ME (riarkle & lucaya)by becca
(2016 Summer GMW Award Winner) (2016 GMW Choice Award Winner) (2017 GMW Fall Awards Winner) /// Ever since graduating high school, the core four have drifted apart. Ril...
  • lucaya
  • farkle
  • riarkle
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Ever Met A Mutant? - Charles Xavier Fanfiction [0.5] by lover_of_historias
Ever Met A Mutant? - Charles Xavie...by lover_of_historias
An X-Men Short Story. Prequel to the Mutations Series. Evelyn Hart was a university student at Oxford studying history. One day she hoped to teach history. She was a nor...
  • xaiver
  • evelyn
  • fanfiction
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Stone Cold | Lucas Friar by Bookworm_Kid
Stone Cold | Lucas Friarby Bookworm
*Slow Updates* "You don't like me," she takes a step away. "You don't decide that for me, Mia," Lucas says softly. "Lucas," she sighs. &q...
  • meets
  • smackle
  • girl
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unrequited | lucaya (completed) by mayaisms
unrequited | lucaya (completed)by liz
"psychology says, you're not afraid to love, you're afraid of not being loved back." a story about a warmhearted blonde who is trying to figure out her feeling...
  • lucas
  • hart
  • girl
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Getting Even  (Romantic Comedy) completed by SueHart2
Getting Even (Romantic Comedy) co...by Sue A. Hart
PG-13. Some messages need an illustration. Three long-time friends have secrets and one outrageous problem. Nick's X-fiancée goes on a rampage of teaching him a lesso...
  • chicklit
  • hart
  • romance
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Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal Book 1: A Chance in Life by TinaCun
Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal Book 1: A Chance in...by Tina_Cun
An orphan living all alone by herself with no memories of her past. What if she met Yuma and his friends? All her life she learned that she can only depend on herself. A...
  • yei
  • vetrix
  • ocstory
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Polarize ° lucas friar by effectively
Polarize ° lucas friarby ( becca )
❝My friends and I, we got a lot of problems.❞ [Girl Meets World] [Lucas Friar/OC] copyright || 2016 [GIRL MEETS WORLD CHOICE WINNER]
  • school
  • friar
  • farkleminkus
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Fate. J.H.  by rockhoe
Fate. J.H. by Rena :)
"How do I know that you're not going to screw me over?" "Because I love you, woman!" ________________________________________ Being a Hart is consi...
  • wwe
  • hart
  • jeff
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Haven't Had Enough  →  Chenry by summersuckle
Haven't Had Enough → Chenryby -Z-
When Charlotte decided to start over in New York City, she expected a challenge... but she didn't expect this. Henry Hart is the furthest thing from Charlotte's type. H...
  • interracial
  • jaele
  • charlotteandhenry
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The Perfect Time Is Not Always Perfect by LizMarieH16
The Perfect Time Is Not Always Per...by Elizabeth Marie Hernandez
Based on the TV show. Maya is a 15-year-old girl, who gets pregnant by her best friend boyfriend, kinda messed up right? Come and read how it happened and how it altered...
  • lucasfriar
  • sabrina
  • meyer
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✓  2 | FIXED ⤷ FROY GUTIERREZ by hopevandynes
❝ ANYTIME THAT YOU LEAVE, I FIND IT HARD JUST TO BREATHE ❞ ↓ Vivian and Froy try to fix the bond they broke. ↓ Sequel to 'No Words' cover by @sebstab highest rank: #2 in...
  • supernatural
  • girlmeetsworld
  • backstage
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MELISSA P. HART ( girl meets world ) by TrustFaithSalvatore
MELISSA P. HART ( girl meets world...by Trust Salvatore
❝she is beauty, she is grace. she will punch you in the face ❞ - in which melissa p. hart meets the world - [ WARNING : i wrote this book over two years ago. the first f...
  • world
  • maya
  • girlmeetsworld
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