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La noche de anoche by Maskmypain
La noche de anocheby Ꭼ.
Bad bunny and singer Valentina have a one night stand and they end up falling in love. After she finds out he has a girlfriend they leave each other, what happens when t...
Maya and the three. Zatz x Reader by Crochetstars
Maya and the three. Zatz x Readerby Star
Maya and the Three is a fantasy cartoon limited series created by Jorge Gutierrez. (Who also created the book of life.) The series is inspired by a rich, vibrant mixture...
The Purrrfect Guy (Classified x Kitty) by ShiraFangirl
The Purrrfect Guy (Classified x Ki...by ShiraFangirl
Kitty Softpaws was found by the four baby penguins that are same age as her from the alley after she was abandoned by her owner and having her claws taken away. They too...
The girl of his dreams *a Dominic Toretto love story* by Rose_Suki
The girl of his dreams *a Dominic...by Rose_Suki
Just Read because i have nothing to say :) there may be strong cussing and some guys will probably talk inappropriate and sometimes a bit of smut not much but a bit so...
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Madagascar 3 (with lioness sister) by madamstrange123
Madagascar 3 (with lioness sister)by madamstrange123
This is a story where 5 animals Alex (the Lion) Marty (the Zebra) Gloria (the Hippo) Melman (the Giraffe) And a new character Lexis (the lioness) who is the sibling of A...
Overdose  by AnneliseGreen
Overdose by Annelise Green
Jasmine Sears sabia que estava lidando com um enigma no segundo em que o viu pela primeira vez. Lindo, rico e quebrado. São alguns dos adjetivos que podem ser atribuídos...
Penguin of Madagascar the movie. oc by midnightbloom123
Penguin of Madagascar the movie. ocby midnightbloom
the female penguin name is hope, she a shapeshifter and the adopted daughter of private, from movie penguins of Madagascar , Dave wants to mutate the penguins for reveng...
what it takes to be a goddess || zatz by donnasaur24
what it takes to be a goddess || z...by 苦 ᎒ ❥ donnie ࿐
// maya and the three, zatz x fem!reader What It Takes to be a Goddess is a shameless self-insert fanfic where Author is a big fan of Book of Life and quite literal...
For His Kicks by unenthusiasticme
For His Kicksby 𝔗 <3
Being the only girl in the gang was hard. Listening to all their problems and nastiness was the usual. She noticed him. She did even if he didn't feel like it. He didn'...
Undercover - A Penguins of Madagascar x Reader Fanfiction by that_one_writer_268
Undercover - A Penguins of Madagas...by that_one_writer
Y/n is hired by the Secret Organization of Alternative Professionals, or S.O.A.P for short, when she doesn't make the team for a higher, more secure, agency. On a missio...
Madagascar (With lioness sister) by madamstrange123
Madagascar (With lioness sister)by madamstrange123
This is a story about a lion (Alex), Zebra (Marty), Hippo (Gloria), Giraffe (Melman), and a new Character a lioness (Lexis). Who go on a Adventure to try to go back to N...
Yes I Said It I'm In Love with the Fat Girl by Lindsay-M-Daughtry
Yes I Said It I'm In Love with the...by Lindsay-M-Daughtry
Kahlan Storm's life was always hard she had a dad who was a drug addicted who was in jail with no mother around her brother is going to marry soon and she is all alone a...
♡Brawl Stars Dares♡ by Just-Flair
♡Brawl Stars Dares♡by ᗷᑌᗪᗩᒪᗴTIᑎᗩ
☆Hello and welcome☆ 》As you can see,this is a Brawl Stars Dare book ◇~RULES~◇ •You can dare anything other then NSFW (not safe for work) •Every ship is allowed (other...
Penguins of Madagascar: Moving Situations by CharaDemonChild
Penguins of Madagascar: Moving Sit...by CharaDemonChild
(Will be humanized just to make my life easier) Moving house for most people? Rather normal and arguably mundane. Moving house as a disfunctional spy team? Chaotic, thri...
I Just Loved (COMPLETED) by JhingBautista
I Just Loved (COMPLETED)by Jhing Bautista
Femi loves Rico. Rico loves Gale. Gale loves Toby. Toby loves Jasmine. Jasmine loves Rico. Magkakaibigan. Magbabarkada. Masaklap. Pero sa story na ito... sasaya na sila...
Do You Believe in Magic? by HirayaPaula
Do You Believe in Magic?by HirayaPaula
Someone said that it was magic when two people fall in love. Toni fell in love with Lorenz in the right place but would it be a wrong time? What would it be if the magi...
Coffee Times Ten - Han Lue by Sarah_Luisa28
Coffee Times Ten - Han Lueby Sarah Luisa
Brian, Dom, and Mia put a team together to pull off a heist they couldn't have done alone. Among the new faces is a coffee addict that has never been caught while doing...
Maya And The Three - Zatz x Male oc by Lvrboydontcry
Maya And The Three - Zatz x Male ocby Zack
I own nothing but the plot and a couple other characters Carlos is the 4 fourth and second youngest sibling. Him being 6 months younger than maya. Carlos was never a f...
Madagascar And OC!  by Drippingindazzle
Madagascar And OC! by Drippingindazzle
Join five zoo animals - Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, Melman the giraffe, Gloria the hippo, and Ayana the Leopard - who have spent their whole lives in blissful captiv...
Dirty Pleasure by Lokitabebe101
Dirty Pleasureby Noelia
Kiss my neck, bite me, pull my hair, trace my spine, hold me down, use your tongue, make me moan & don't stop until I'm shaking because remember...it's only lust right?