Yes I said it I'm in love with the Fat Girl[14]

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Kahlan changed her outfit like three times and could tell Brandon wish she would just hurry up. So she slipped on some shoes and walked to him.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Brandon took her hand.

"Yes he is my father and I need to meet him, Don't I?" she looked passed him to the truck thinking about last night.

"Only if you want to you don't have to go." Brandon pulled her against him. "And I'll kick Cody's an ass if he goes near you again."

"Okay let's go." Kahlan sighed and pulled away. Brandon sighed but kept a little distance she need space to get a hold of herself right? She was about to face the guy who tried to rape her, and now she knew he was her brother? This was going to be awkward.

He drove 5 miles slower then he should but he wanted to be sure she could do this giving her every chance to back out. But she was strong her shoulders square and jaw clenched. He pulled into Cody's driveway he had done it a million times before but not like this time. Once he stopped the truck he went to her side and took her hand and looked at her she looked back.

"Are you okay?" Brandon asked

"Lets just get this over with." She kissed him on the lips lightly. He walked in front of her a little as he walked to the door. He knocked lightly and the door was opened by Cody.

"Why in the hell are you here?" Cody asked in shocked.

"Cody who is at the door?" Carlton formed behind him. "Oh you must be Kahlan my daughter right?"

"Daughter?" Cody looked like a fish out of water.

"Move boy your mother needs your help." Carlton chuckled at Cody. Cody walked away absentminded. "Well I'm glad to say he isn't my child." He laughed

"Wait he isn't your son?" Kahlan asked

"No all the kids in the house are adopted. Tess can't have kids." Carlton said then opened the door as wide as it would go. "Well come on in then child."

Kahlan walked in with her hand in Brandon's.

"But then you cheat on your wife with my mother?" Kahlan asked unsure.

"No you see Tess and I have only been together for ten years your mother was a one night stand." He shrugged then sighed. "She and I were in high school together. We were always friend so wow you look just like her." He smiled a little "and you have my nose and my mother's eyes." He said with a bigger smile. "Come meet the family." Then he looked to Brandon for the first time. "Now Mr. Fury why are you hear with my daughter?"

"I'm her ah, Boyfriend." Brandon looked up at Carlton the guy was big.

"Ah so she has landed the football star? Good job Kahlan." He chuckled

"Daddy dinner is ready." In ran a young boy about nine years of age. "Who are you?" he stopped and eyed Kahlan.

"I'm ah Kahlan your sister?" she got on her knee in front of him.

"I have a sister already." He pointed to behind him to a girl. "That is my sister Kelly."

"Well hello Kelly." Kahlan stood

"Hello." The thirteen year old walked over. "So you're my father real daughter?"

"Ah yeah." Kahlan said.

"Let ah Eat." Cody walked in and watched Kahlan closely.

"Okay come on you two." Carlton wrapped his arm around Kahlan's shoulders. "You guys hungry?"

"Yes sir." Brandon said while keeping his eyes on Cody he wanted to wrap his hands around her throat.

"Yeah uh sure." Kahlan fallowed Carlton in to a large dining room. "But can I wash up first?"

"Oh of course Cody show Kahlan to the bathroom." Carlton sat down and Cody walked across the hall. Brandon sat down on the edge of his chair and waited for Kahlan to come back.

"Can I speck with you?" Cody asked as he showed her to the bathroom.

"Don't speak to me," she walked to him and pushed him against the wall. "Because at school I will be getting back at you for what you tried to do to me."

"Just please forgive me I was high." Cody said with his hands up.

"You're a liar." Kahlan walked into the bathroom. Then walked out and walked back to the dining room. Brandon almost jumped up and ran to her once she was back in the room but stayed sated once she was sitting next to him, she patted his leg. Dinner went smoothly and they all laughed but Cody walked to his room before dinner was over.

It finally hit him he tried to rape his sister god he was losing it. He pulled out his pills, Cody was bipolar and the damn pills didn't work it was time to talk to dad. He knew it; he walked down stairs after Brandon left.

"Dad can we talk?" Cody looked to Carlton.

"Sure son." Carlton turned and walked with him into the study.

"Dad the pills aren't working and I'm losing control." He sat the pills down on his desk.

"What happened this time?" Carlton picked up the pill bottle.

"I tried to hurt someone." Cody put his head in his hand. "All because I wanted sex and money."

"Now son I'll talked to the doctor Cullen about this." Carlton picked up the phone. "Leave and I'll take care of you. My sister never could take care of you." He covered the phone. "I'm so sorry for what your step father did to you. And Cody I will always love you son."

Cody stood and walked to the door. "Thank you uncle Carlton. I love you too." He walked to his room. And couldn't help but remember the horrible things his step father did to him. Then he cried himself to sleep.

Kahlan felt better she faced Cody and met her dad he wasn't such a bad guy and she could tell Cody had a back story. After she kicked his nuts is she would find out more about the real Cody Brown. She was doing her homework when she looked up to the smell of hot coco. Brandon sat next to her.

"Are you ever going to let me see your poems?" He handed her a cup.

Kahlan laughed. "Maybe one day but not just yet." She patted his leg then hit play on her iPod that was plugged into the radio. ''The frays song- look af¬ter you'' came on.

"Oh okay." With a sigh he leaned his head back. "So you threaten him?"

"Of course, Brandon I'm no damsel in distress." Kahlan watch him as he leaned closer to him.

"This I know but I want to be your knight in shining armor. "With that he kissed her good night and walked to her bedroom she fallowed and fell asleep in his arm.

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