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What am I going to do? I can’t survive by myself not alone with Colby now in my life. I was stupid to think that he will change. Damn him. All those times that he promised to never again go back to being an addict, he get caught. Those drunkard friends of him always dragged him to be with them and come home late, drunk. People never change if they don’t want to. I realize you can never change someone.

I was heartbroken but I had to. Have to. For Colby and myself, I broke it off. It was too much pain. By breaking it off, that includes the little financial support he’s been giving to us. He had a work but he always question the amount of money he’s been giving to us. I had a sick feeling he’s still using but I was too clouded by love.

Love. I thought life would be great but it turns out the opposite. I was miserable with him and still am. I am still legally tied with him. I can’t afford a stupid lawyer. Not now anyways so divorce is not an option for me.

Anyways, after dealing with the bastard I sent tons of resumes and application letters online. Until now, I haven’t received any confirmation. Feeling down, I turned off my laptop and walked to my room where Colby is sleeping.

It was almost midnight and I’m desperate in need of money. Though, I had saved up a couple of money in the bank but still I won’t just depend on that. Soon, it will be gone. By the end of this month, I’m broke.

I entered the room as quietly as possible and went straight to bed. The place I’m living in is in the poor side of the city. Inside is a one small bedroom, one double bed that fits the both of us. A tiny bathroom outside the room and a mini kitchen. It looks bad but we are coping.

My parents were against the place but I just can’t let them pay again for it. I sighed and get under the warm covers of our comforter and kissed Colby’s forehead.

Muttering a hushed goodnight, I turned off the lamp beside the bed and hugged him.




Soon, morning came and I’m up the bed. The little bugger is snoring silently beside me all legs and arms tangled around my body. Slowly, I pulled his arms and legs from me and replaced it with a pillow.

 I entered the kitchen and took two eggs and bacon. Pulled out a pan and started to heat it up. I then cracked two eggs in a bowl and whisked. Opening the small refrigerator, I withdraw a garlic and onion. By now, the pan is heating up and I quickly chopped both onion and garlic and tossed it on the pan. Of course, putting some cooking oil before sautéing.

I heard the bedroom door creaked open and a cute little munchkin of mine came into view.

“Hey there baby, Good morning.” I was finished cooking some scrambled eggs and bacon.

“Good mowning mom.” He sat at the table and looked at me pulling plates for the both of us. I put the foods at the table and got some juice for Colby.

 “I cooked your favorite, bacon and eggs!” I said smiling at my little boy who is now grinning.

“Yay!” that was all he said before devouring the foods placed on his plate. Chuckling, I soon followed eating mine.

“So baby, your Aunt Annie will be staying here with you while I do something ok?” I told him just I was finished eating.

He pouted, “Aww mommie, I wunt you here with me” Oh good Lord, “Baby, this is something important ok? And you will be with your Auntie. I will even give you both $10.” I muttered talking to him slowly.

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