Chapter 20

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We haven't really talked about what happened the other day but I know we need to eventually. My heart raced but I have to do it now. Wiping my hands to a hanging towel and checking the time. 

1 hour..

"Boss! I'll just be on my break, be back." I faintly heard him grumble but he nodded at me to go. It is a busy afternoon but I think they can handle without me though. Straightening my uniform, I walked to the enormous building on the other side of the street and drew a sharp breathe. 

One... a woman in a black pencil skirt and a chiffon blouse glance at me distastefully then heard her huff and walked straight..

just ignore..move forward.

Two... a group of people stood chatting with one another inside the lobby stopped talking and nonchalantly glanced at my direction.

Almost there..

"Excuse me?" hoping to get the receptionist attention but I think she's got a stick stuck up her ass. Rude. She was talking to someone over the phone and looks like she's gossiping from what I can tell. Giggling not so professionally and might I add,  I'll compare it to a crazy hyena. That's how creepy and wow. Just wow. 

Trying to stay calm as possible while keeping a straight face as everyone around me tries to scrutinize someone as not dressed like them and so out of place. "Excuse me!". She was startled.

That got her attention. 

Smiling a fake smile while I'm mirroring hers, "Yes? How can I help you?"

"May I speak with Maxwell?" she laughed. The woman actually laughed. 

"I'm sorry but he's busy and do you even have an appointment? If not, then go he's a busy man." ..with a nice ass.  She whispered the last part.  But I heard it. 

This irked me. "Say what now? Excuse me.."


"Jane. I don't want to cause a scene here and I don'have enough time because I'm on my break. Now, for the last time can you please tell--" I was cut short by a ring on my phone and not even glancing who's calling I answered. 


I hear some rustling on the background.

"Hey, love.." Max. I thought.

"Oh, hi there.."  Smiling at his husky voice on the phone.

"Do you have plans right now? I'm starving." Glancing at the receptionist in front of me, I see her rolling her eyes.

"Miss? Do you still need anything else 'coz I'm busy and you are blocking the view." Jane said. 

"Who's that?"  Max stopped doing what he's doing because it was dead silent. 

"Urgh. Well..I'm at the lobby now hoping to talk with you? Busy?" Glancing outside and around maybe he's busy and I'll just go instead.

"I'm coming down. Wait for me love."  He hung up and glancing at Jane, I didn't dare say who I was talking with over the phone earlier and just wait for Max. No need to talk with her then. Fine with me. 

Not even long, the elevator opened and exited the man I'm falling for. Damn. Armani models don't do him justice. Walking with air full of authority and a very stoic face, people parted their ways for him and dropping their gaze. He searched for me but not long his mesmerizing eyes locked with mine.

Slowly, he smirked and stride at me like a man in a mission. God, is it me or its really hot in here. Oh, my. Eventually, I smiled at him sweetly and wait. When he was near, he hugged me and nuzzle my neck, breathing me in. 

"I miss you.."  he whispered. 

Glancing at his tall frame, I chuckled and whispered back. "I know." 

"Let's go up to my office, I ordered take out if that's fine with you? I am working on something and thought I'd be working on it the whole day." brushing his thumb on my lips. 

Sighing jokingly, "Okay fine. But we have less than an hour though." he smiled. But then his eyes hardened and he went stiff. 

Turning his now full attention to the gaping Jane behind the granite front desk, he smiled deviously. A chill feeling crawled on my skin. 

"Did she ask to speak to me earlier?" 

Gaping like a fish but then like a splash of water, she composed herself. "Sir. I'm sorry she was asking for you but then she doesn't have any appointments with you. So I-" he silenced her with his palm.

"You're fired." 

"But sir!-" 

"Pack your things and leave the keys to your Manager. I'll be expecting you gone in an hour. I think its enough for you to leave." 

Nodding solemnly she accepted her faith, he snake his arm on my waist but after a few steps he turned around. "Oh and I'll cut your check. Your chitchatting over the phone will be billed to you. Using company's property outside work is prohibited." 

Walking side by side, we enter the empty elevator. "Was that a bid too much?" 

He chuckled, "No. I received a report from my team that she's been using the phone for other purposes. I've been meaning to fire her soon but now I think I just did." 

"Oh Max, she likes your ass by the way." I smiled knowingly.

Pulling me close to him, he whispered huskily then nipped at my ear. "I'd rather you like my ass love."  I blushed. Goddamn it.  Then the elevator opened. 

Athena- 0

Max- 1


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