Chapter 13

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Okay guys, there was a mixed up with Chaps 13 & 14. I'm updating both now so enjoy! Not edited. :)

Both men stared at each other with blank faces. Bishop is mere an acquaintance not a friend. Max don’t do friends. Bishop straightened his suit and posture leaning at his desk looking at the man infront of him who went barging in without setting an appointment.

“Is this important that you just went in and barged on my office?”

He chuckled dryly, “Yes. From what I gathered you are not aware of the behaviors of your employees that I had to find out which thankfully I did because considering I own a huge part of this companies assets.”

He let him sink in the information as he studied Bishop infront of him. His eye twitched. 

“What do you mean by that?” he asked.

Max hand a copy that Dave gave him. He left out some information about Athena and Colby. Bishop took and read it. 

Max studies once again at the man noticing a scowl etched on his face then anger and quickly masked it with his blank face.

He placed the folder above his desk that holds some information of Joshua Carter.

“I’ll take care of it.” 

Max stood up, “You better be or else I will take care of him and you.” He stood straight looking straight at Bishop.

“Are you threatening me?” he asked shocked at the sudden threat.

His mouth twitched and turned into a smirk. “Yes, I am.” With that he walked briskly and exited the door like nothing happened. 




He was about to go see Athena when his phone buzzed in his pocket. Not able to care who called he just answered it.

“What!” he snapped.

“Don’t talk your mother like that young man!” he pinched the bridge of his nose and sigh.

“What now mother?”

“I’m hurt really Max. Why can’t a mother call her own son for no reason?”  faking hurt. Oh, mom you’re so dramatic sometimes.

“Why are you calling mom and this better be good because I’m going to do something important.”

She chuckled from the other line. “Okay, okay you got me. I’m here at your office.” He grumbled and made a U-turn towards his building.

“Fine. I’m going up now.” Still chuckling on the other line she said okay and they both ended the call.

Turns out her mother is there to discuss her expansion on Asia with her clothing line which is slowly leveling up to top designer brands. She wants his approval of course they always seek each other’s advice. They talked about it and she showed him the business plan. 

All throughout the day it was all meetings and signing papers. He was itching to go to Athena. It was still unnerving to him that a female like Athena caught his upmost attention and she didn’t even know that she got him all wrapped up with his fingers. 

Deciding he would rather text her. Don’t even ask who and where did he get her number. 

How’s your day?  –M

I put my phone beside the papers that is sprawled on my desk and continue reading the reports.

M? Max is that you???

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