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I watched this man in front of me like a hawk. This bastard thinks he could get away with my money. He doesn’t even know, I KNEW. From the very first penny he stole from me to MY millions. I was planning to strip him everything in a flash.

While he was sitting here, I called my men to wipe out ALL his bank accounts. I’ve been keeping tabs on him since the day he wired $100,000 on his Chinese Account. He is as stupid as hell. I didn’t get to where I am now without having full knowledge of every scam and trickery a human can do.

It was silent in the room. The atmosphere is intense since he has no idea why I called him. He was one of my best Accountants and a stupid one. A beep sound signaling I received a text. I took my phone from my pockets and read the text.

‘All done.’

Locking the phone, I look him straight in the eyes and said, “You’re Fired.”

Two words. That’s all it took for his eyes to bulge out. He quickly stood up knocking out the chair he was sitting. Fuming.

“What? Why?!”  Still keeping a blank face, I leaned on my seat smirking. By now, this man is jobless and penny less. Over all, he stole $ 10,000,000 for two years and wired it to different accounts around the Globe.

What he didn’t know, I control almost all of the banks worldwide. I own huge shares but only few people I trust knew of it.

He was pacing back and forth now muttering curses. “I demand to know WHY?!”

I laughed, did he seriously asked me Why? I stood up from my seat and walked to my bar and grab a bottle of Macallan and pour myself a drink.

“The man who drinks scotch is one who lives life to the hilt, savoring new challenges and discoveries on a daily basis.” – SCHAEFER

I gulp down the expensive drink and turn to Mr. Thorn.  The cold, hard Mr. Hayes facing him.

“I DO NOT owe you an explanation. You know what you did. You may leave now. The guards will escort you down.”  With last menacing look, I turned my back on him and observe the view from my glass window.

“But Mr.Hayes-“ he wasn’t able to continue because the door to my office opened with three black suits guards escorting him out.

“What’s this? No! Don’t touch me!” a broken sound echoed the room.

“You fucking bastard! You can’t do this to me!” he was now thrashing while two of my guards held him. I strode across the room to where he was standing and choke him.

“You are the fucking bastard not me. You stole from me and I’m going to strip you off with everything you have.” He was now becoming red from lack of air and I released him. Disgusted by this man, I nod to my guards to get him out of my sight.

Soon, the doors were closed. My chair is broken and a small crystal display from my table is now in pieces.

I walked behind my desk and called Brenda. “Yes, Sir?”

“Get someone to clean my office and order the same chair that’s now broken.” I liked that chair.

“Yes, Mr.Hayes.” I ended the call and look at the time. I woke up very early and called my lead security to finally freeze all assets of Mr. Thorn. It was so early that only I, my secretary and some early risers are at the office.

Glancing at my office, I’m not going to wait for the cleaners to arrive so I walked out. Brenda stood up when she noticed me leaving the office.

“Clear my schedule for today. Call me if I’m badly needed.” I told Brenda.

She just nods and said, “Yes, Mr. Hayes.”

I walked stiffly until I was now inside the elevator. Few seconds, I’m at the ground floor walking opposite to my employees that is now entering the building.

As I was nearing the Bentley, I noticed a woman shouting. So, I looked.

 “You just got to be kidding me!” said the woman now walking to an alley. I stood there observing her. She’s got dark brown wavy hair, big immense eyes. She was at the shorter side but I find that cute..and hot.

My eyes went big when she pulled her top up and revealed her flat stomach. I think there’s something wrong with her bra because she keeps on doing something with it—and oh shit! Did she just pulled her bra out?

My thoughts were confirmed when she’s now holding a black lace bra and put it inside her bag. I didn’t even know she noticed me until she said something.

“What the hell are you looking at?!” I was clearly amused by her but I still kept my poker face on. She was now clearly irritated at me but she did check me out. Only quirking an eyebrow, she didn’t wait for my reply and rush to the diner in front.

I think I’ll check on her. Turning to face Alex, I told him to stay I’ll just call him to pick me up later. So, I walked across the street and entered the diner. There were a few people inside. Mr. Frank immediately greets when he noticed me.

“Mr.Hayes! Welcome. Please sit. What will be your order?” he asked me while I took a seat at the end side of the room.

“Actually, do you might know a certain petite woman with brown hair?”

“Athena? She’s my new employee and just started now. She’s at the back. May I know why you asked?”

‘Hmm..Athena, what a nice name.’ I thought.

“Nothing, just tell her I want her presence here and I’ll order from her. That’s all frank.” He agreed and want to get the spit fire who just got out from the Employees Door and arranging her apron.

Looking from where I seated, Frank approached her and point to my table. She obliged bringing a pad and a pen walking to my table.

I was amused by her when she stopped at my table and looked at me. Shocked and irritated she said, “Oh what now?!”

Chuckling I only muttered, “Hello Athena.”

Ok guys, I know this is short but I'll try to make the next chapters long. :) I didn't edit this so there might be mispelled words or grammar errors. Enjoy!

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