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The twenty eight year old bachelor billionaire that everyone wants to meet and talk. The ruthless Mr. Hayes. Tall, dark and handsome. Every single bachelorette wants him. Even married women are attracted to him. Standing a good 6'2 with fine muscles, a good six packs that will surely make you faint and a face that resembled a God. Brown hair that styled to perfection. Piercing grey eyes that sees through your soul and lips that you will never get tired of kissing them.

So, what if the man behind Hayes Industries gets attracted to a young twenty three year old diner girl? And what if she already has a son? Will he continue or will he back out?

Athena Williams, a young single mom of a two year old is struggling to raise his son. A drop out in college because she got pregnant and was not able to return due to financial reasons. Trying hard to look for jobs that will help pay bills and feed his son, she was finally able to find a job in a diner.

Is it fate or destiny that a hard and stone cold man is able to find someone who is kind, sweet and a little spit fire at a diner across his building? Will his attraction to the diner girl change him? Can Athena open her heart again after a very depressing break-up with his ex?

This is a story that will bring tears, joy, and love. Follow me in this chaotic world of the rich and the poor. The lover and the heartbroken.

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