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He was ruthless when it comes to business. Maxwell Hayes is the billionaire behind the Hayes Industries. Growing up with almost nothing with his mom, he used the one thing that he knows well. His brain. All throughout high-school he was the Valedictorian. Got accepted to Stanford University and enrolled in a Business course. Invented mostly solar equipment’s for agricultural lands and organic green houses for farmers. Then he entered the world of finance. Studied the stock market and by the end of his semester, he owned a great amount of shares to different companies.

It only took him two years to conquer the business world. By now, he was known the man behind the dollar sign.

Owning vast of lands throughout the country and some parts in the world and developed it into farms and factories that can help farmers and the workers. He sees to it, every employee is worth paid for. He might be ruthless but he wants to help as much as possible. That’s starting from the lowest of the pyramid. The less fortunate.

Running a multi-billion company is a lot to take in but no problem can stop Maxwell from it. The company owns 70% shares in technology companies. 85% on banks and insurance companies. Own shipping and trades throughout the country and Asia. Five-star hotels and restaurants around the globe.

He even owns some hospitals and funded more than enough public and non-government organizations that helps cancer patients to downright homeless people. Growing up with a mother who took jobs here and there and a loving father who died because of cancer, he worked hard and earn hard. Not only for himself but for people who are in need. It taught him how hard life is when you can barely eat and pay the bills. How a single penny is important. He worked hard and played hard.

This what makes him different from other businessmen. He came from the bottom of the pyramid and strived hard to become on top. Those worthless men who he had talks and meetings to don’t deserve the wealth that they’re parents or family had given to them. They  have no idea how hard it is to look for a job.

That’s why he swore to never invest on people who are money hungry. Before interacting with them, he made sure to run a background check including the money transactions they’ve been doing. They know. Some even got angry and filed him for doing such acts but they never win.

Making enemies with Maxwell was like suicidal. He made sure of that. No one messes with him and no one ever does. If they can play dirty, then so can he.

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