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“Call Alex and tell him I’m on my way down.” He instructed his secretary on the phone after sorting out some papers on his desk. “Ok Mr. Hayes.” The secretary answered. He ended the call and leans for a while on his chair and closed his eyes.

 The day went well after they had a meeting on some of the investors that are interested in expanding to some parts in Europe. This is what he always does best. Work. Sure, he had a couple dates before but it all turned out the same. He was just not interested. They never caught his attention. He was not a virgin too because let’s face it, a man have needs.

A buzz forced him to open his eyes. Pushing the receiver button he heard the secretary telling him Alex is already downstairs. “Thank you Brenda. I’ll be down in a minute.” Brenda is Maxwell’s secretary ever since he started building his own company. She was forty years old and is very professional.

Straightening up, he smoothest out his Armani suit, locked his laptop and exited his office. It was almost 4:00 pm and work is almost over. His employees greeted him along the way. Some ladies batted their eyelashes but he ignores them and only nods. He walked straight and you can see the aura that he projects. He’s a man with confidence and oozing with power.

Entering the vacant elevator, he pushes the Ground Floor button and then the elevator door closes. A couple of minutes, he was now at the bottom part of the building. As always, employees and personnel’s bid him goodbye. Exiting his building, he saw Alex standing beside his Bentley opening the back door for him.

He then got in and muttered a ‘Thank You’ to Alex and fished his phone in his pocket. It was Monday and usually his mom would like something to eat. She likes Maxwell bringing him food. Yeah, sure they have cooks, butlers and maids but for her nothing is nicer than her son bringing her food after working.

Mrs. Hayes is a widow. It was hard for her to work two jobs and still grieving by the loss of her husband. Maxwell is what keeps her sane and going. Thank god he was now the man he wishes to be. She just hopes and prays that he will meet someone who loves him for him.

He called his mom and patiently waiting for her to pick up the phone. Glancing outside, he saw people in suits, expensive cars and designer shops. The street that his company was built at is surrounded by skyscraper buildings, designer shops, old and new restaurants and some coffee shops. Four rings and finally she picked up.

“Hi baby, I just came out from the bathroom. Done with work?” he grumbled. “Mom, don’t call me that. I’m a grown man.”

Mrs. Hayes chuckled, “Oh hush dear. You will always be my baby.” Still chuckling on the other line while Max is grumbling.

“I’m done with work and I’m actually going home now. What would you like me to buy for you?”

There was silence on the other line and just a couple of seconds he heard his mom said, “Hmm.. I would like to eat something chocolate dear. Anything chocolate.”

 “Ok mom, I’ll just bring you one when I get home.” He muttered.

“Thanks dear, see you when you get home. Love you!” Mrs. Hayes said.

“Love you to mom. Bye.” He ended the call and locked his phone. Just as he was about to tell Alex to go to a bakery, he saw a small pink shop with a big cake on top of it that named “My Sweets”.

“Alex, pull over to that shop.”

Alex muttered, “Yes,sir.” The Bentley slowly turned to the right side of the road and parked at a vacant spot just in front of the pink shop. Alex quickly got out and opened the door for Mr. Maxwell.

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