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SURPRISE! So, I just wrote this and I'm tired. Its 1:39am here and I hope you all like it! I'll try to update soon! :) Goodnight, Goodmorning and Good day everyone! <3


I was reprimanded by Frank. I just stood there and listened. It was my entire fault anyways so I sucked it up. He told me to focus on work, be polite and no swearing! I think I’ll have a hard time following the last part. So, I bit my tongue and focus my attention to my working shoe.

Here’s the thing, I really really try not to curse or swear when I’m with Colby. But when I deal with stupid, arrogant, high all mighty people I swear I can’t help myself.

Darn! I forgot to tell you more about myself didn’t I? Shaking my head. You see, I was a party girl. I partied a lot when I first stepped in college. I drink almost every day. I went home either drunk or just sobered up from drinking. I had cat fights. Hell I’m a cheetah on the loose!

I failed most of my subjects. Yeah, I know what you think. That’s what you get! Ok, I get that. I really do. I paid for my actions big time. It was now all a memory of my past. The past I can’t erase. I smoked pot but hey I’m not addicted to it! I tried it out of curiosity. I drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes. That was me. I was a curious teenager who didn’t give a damn on what my actions will end up.

I learned my lessons though. Yeah, I still drink when I go out with friends but it rarely happens since I have Colby to take care of. I have responsibilities now. I was never a saint to begin with but I try to be the best on my son’s life.

Oh, and in my family I have a sister Annie who’s in college. My mom and dad are both together. A small family of four and of course, Colby!

So, going back. I continued serving the customers. Frank is right, almost everyone is demanding. Trying to ignore the rudeness, I kept it cool. Wow, Athena. Bravo! Impressed I haven’t strangled a single person.. yet.

Cherry and I took turns with serving and cleaning. A job like this is very tiring but the tips are rewarding. I forgot all about Mr. H or Mr. P. Oh hell I’ll call him Mr. P.  Chuckling, I continued to grab the now abandoned plate and washed it.

As I was washing, I grab the last mug of coffee. Then it hit me. “Coffee. Tomorrow. Don’t forget.”

Mother of F-! You know the feeling when you see that person its either you want to slap the shit out of him or just stare at those steel eyes? Or both. Ugh! I don’t know.

He irritates me but then again I kinda like it. No, I don’t know! Sighing, it’s just that I’m not that pretty. I have big eyes. Big eyes I tell you! I’m short, I don’t have supermodel legs. I do have curves though, ha! Imma sexy momma. Take that!

I was nudged by Cherry and ask me questioningly. “Are you ok there?”

I shrugged, “Yeah,why?”

She points at something at my hand, “You kept on washing the same mug for 5 minutes. You sure you’re ok?” she asked me again.

I didn’t even realize I’ve been doing that. So, I quickly dried all the plates, mugs, glasses and utensils. “Of course I’m ok. Why wouldn’t I be? I was just thinking of something that’s all.”

She chuckled, “Okay? If you say so.” She left after that to take some orders. I took my break after that and called my mom.

“Hey sweetie, how was work?” she asked me.

“Ugh. Don’t even ask me. Long story short.  IT. WAS. HORRIBLE.” I groaned while sitting at a chair outside the diner. At the backside.

“Oh, hush don’t be over dramatic! It’ll be fine. So, I’m fetching Colby later?”

“Yeah, please. Around 4pm. I’ll just go there after my shift.” I checked my time, I still have ten minutes left on my break.

“Oh, sweetie. I’d love to take Colby with us. Can I borrow him? Pleasssse?” my mom begged me.

“Oh no! The last time he was sleeping there he got a toothache the other day! Mom, seriously, avoid giving him chocolates.” I scolded my mom. You see, Colby loves chocolates. My mom would spoil him to death! So, no. Nope, uh uh. No can do.

I’m sure my mom is pouting by now. “Aw, sweetie. It was just a teeny bit of chocolate!” she said defensively.

I scoff, “Ok, define teeny bit mom? Explain why I saw wrappers of Hershy’s bar, Kisses and Milky Way on his pocket?”

It was silent. “That’s what I thought. So, unless I don’t see you hiding chocolates and feeding him with one then Colby can stay there.”

She huffed. You see my mom is kinda childish at times. “Ok fine. I’ll give those chocolates to my next door neighbor. Happy now?”

I laughed, “Yeah, dispose them first before he can stay there. Maybe Tomorrow or the next day?”

“Hmm. Sounds good. Ok sweetie.” We talked until my break was over.

“Bye mom, got to go now. Text me when you already had Colby. Miss you and Love you both!” we ended the call and I got inside the back door. Frank saw me and ordered me to go help Cherry with the customers. It was busy hours so busy busy busy.

“Welcome to Frank’s Diner. What can I get you?” I asked the lady dressed in a grey office pants with a nice same colored jacket.

She smiled at me. Oh good. “Can I please get a Turkey sandwich with fries and a strawberry shake?” I wrote it down.

“Is that all?” I smiled kindly at her. She seems nice so she deserves to be treated the same. See? I can be an angel. Sometimes.

She scans again the menu and I waited patiently. Ok, I waited there for at least ten minutes. She clearly is having a hard time deciding what to add on her order. Finally, she decide to add the large sized cheeseburger. Okay? Hungry much?

“Sorry to keep you waiting. It’s just that I barely eat these foods since my mom would die if she knows I ate one of those. I just sneak out from a meeting and had the urge to eat like a pig.” She smiled cheekily and laughed. A pig inside a supermodel body! Like hello? I’m so jealous.

I smiled, “No worries. I understand. I will rather leave that meeting if I were you and eat my ass off. Seriously, your mom should shut her tits.” Oh my God, did I? No way. Ok, goodbye job.

She looked surprised. “Oh my, I’m sorry. I can’t seem to stop myself.” I apologized to her completely horrified at what I just said.

She burst out laughing. Like a full blown laugh. Man this woman sure knows how to laugh.

“S-orry.”  Still trying to ease up from laughing too hard.  “Oh my God. I can’t believe you just said that! Now, I like you!”

She extends her hand at me, “I’m Stacey Woodridge and you are?” I shake hands with her smiling. Shees! That was close.

“I’m Athena Williams, new girl.” We shook hands.

“I like you Athena, maybe we could hang out sometimes?”

I beamed, “Sure!” we exchanged numbers and I went to get her orders. She ordered me to just pack up the burger so she can eat it inside her car. We talked when I had the chance after entertaining the other customers.

Frank didn’t mind at all as long as I do my job well. He told me Stacey was a usual customer. The day went well eventually. Soon, I was changing into my clothes again and said waved goodbye to Frank and Cherry.

I am tired and exhausted. But! The good part is that we collected around $100 on tips! Cherry and I divided it into two so we both got $50.

Tomorrow. Oh, I don’t even want to think about it. 

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