Chapter 17

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It's a bright and sunny day and this will be the best time for a stroll with my little one.

Deciding we could go to the park, he went running to our room and change his clothes.

"Mummy huwwyyup!" He started to pick up some clothes and is grinning at me.

Chuckling "Alright,alright geez wait up."

Soon we were going to the park, of course riding a bus it took us atleast ten minutes to arrive. You can just smell the morning breeze and hear the sound of the pond from afar.

"Mummy can we feed them?can we can we?" He tugged my arm well half dragging and pulling pointing at the birds.

"Yes we can baby, let's just sit here and let them come to us." Spotting a metal chair circling the pond we walked and I pulled the bread crumbs I packed and some sandwich.

Immediately, some birds flew at our spot and ate the crumbs Colby spread out in front of us.

We laughed because some birds got a little excited and was flocking at Colby and me. Giggling, we make a shooing motion so we can eat our sandwich without the birds invading it.

I'm happy.. I thought. Wow, never had I imagined that I can be happy. Yeah, waitress isn't much but it gets me to put food in the table. Max, I thought. That sexy man that captured my heart and damn he's perfect.

"Mummy look!" Just then I locked eyes with..


Gaping like a fish I quickly covered it with a cough, "Oh hi..wha- how did you even know where we are?" Rolling my eyes "scratch that,nevermind."

He chuckled, "Miss me? Because I definately miss you both."

"Yeah,yeah. Sometimes I forget who you are." He looked sad upon hearing this. "- but of corse I missed you and this little guy keeps buggging me where did you go."

"Mummy stop. it tikwels!" The little minx squirm to get out.

"Oh really? Hey Colby, I was just working on some things and guess what?" Glancing at me he smiled "I have something for you from my trip."

This got the little one his full attention. "Fow me?"


"Max, you didn't need to buy something. It's too much."

He smiled at me lovingly, "I want to. Besides I want to spoil this little rascal!"

Picking up Colby he tickled him and started to walk to his car. "Are you coming or what?" I think I just died. Man, he looks so handsome with that carefree grin that makes you melt like an ice cream. Good riddance!

"Coming!" I welcome his outstreched hand and smiled.


"Are you really fine with this? I don't want you to spend money Max. The dresses costs more than I can imagine plus the toys and I don't even know how much will I pay you back after today."

"Did I ever mentioned something you paying me back? Relax.I wouldn't do something I don't want trust me. And please stop worrying. I don't even think about the cost, it just feels good and it foreign to me and I like it. Having you along while looking that rascal happy and excited? Worth the money love."

I sighed "Well if you insist but please don't go overboard I'm not used to this kind of gestures and it makes me worry."

"Stop worrying." He held my hand while looking at the toy store.

"Mummy look! Are we going there?Are we are we?" Holding his cute little stuffed Koi fish he squeeled dragging me.

"Uhm. Ask Max here."

"Can wee buy toys!" Before I can reprimand Colby, Max carried him and walked straight inside to god knows where before I lost them. Great.

An hour sitting in front and playing with a robotic dog, I heard giggling and laughing and soon emerged the two.

"I think mummy is angry Max." I hear him whispering loudly by the way.

"Nah,mummy just jealous we ran off." The little guy giggled and they both walked to where I'm sitting.

"Nah-ah. Don't give me those puppy eyes and you too mister! Now, where's the toy you both bought?"

Still giggling he points at Max and by now he's scratching his head and looks like I'm not going to be happy about this one.

"Uh, you see just hear me out okay?" I quirked an eyebrow at his direction "Well, I had fun and when Colby picked those toysI get to play with him and I think I got carried away and uh its toys with and "s" and I'm about to pay for it now."

"..and how many toys are you saying?"
Colby squeeled and jumped,"Tons!!"

Covering my face I groaned. "Seriously?"

Grinning, "Yes,seriously."

Okay so maybe I was just being over dramatic but come on!

"Woah! Why did it costs almost a thousand dollars?!" By now I think I look like a deranged woman.

"Calm down love.I only got the best for Colby. I would't settle for anything less when you both are with me."

"But-" he silenced me with a peck. "No buts."

And there you go ladies and gentlemen we are now going home with an excited child, a grinning Max, a sour pooper me and a couple of guys behind us carrying god knows what kind of toys they bought.

Oh I'm so lucky!

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