Chapter 22

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Turns out he didn't need luck after all. My boss happily said yes and I won't argue about that though.

"Where do you want to go love?"

I could really use a breathe of fresh air. "Can we go to the beach? I just really miss the sound of the waves."

He glanced at me while driving, "Anything for you. The beach then."

Not long we arrived at a public beach like an hour away from the busy city and there's not so many people at this time of hour which is great.

"You should take off your shoes and socks and fold your slacks because you might get wet Max." just telling him while I removed mine as well.

Glancing at me he smiled and rolled his eyes. " Of course my lady, everything you wish is my command." while bowing and chuckling at the same time.

"Ha ha funny Mr. Hotshot. Now, let's go!" I deposited my shoes at the backseat and I half ran and drag Max with me.

I miss this. Just hearing the sounds of the waves calms my every nerve.

"You okay love?" He intertwined our hands then kissed it.

"Yeah, sometimes I need to really breathe. A lot has happened before I met you and I don't know, and now you. I'm not rich and I don't have anything to give in return." By now we were a safe distance from the shore. "I have a kid, I'm freaking married and I'm just a waitress." A tear rolled down from my face.

He gripped my hand and beckon me to sit at the sand while holding my hands. We were both silent and watching the waves.

"Trust me, I know. I don't give a damn on anyone. They won't think about making an enemy of me because they know me Athena. Everything I have, I worked my ass off so I don't care what they say. I care about you and your son. I've been thinking as well if you would want me to help you with the papers with your ex." 

I snap my head at his direction and whispered, " That's too much.."

Again, he kissed my hand and caressed my face. By now we are facing each other.I can see a lot of emotions on his face and my heart swells again.

"I will do everything in my power to make you both mine. I'm not getting younger anymore and if you want to make this slow I can do that. I'll wait for you love."

I can't help it. I hug him really tight while sobbing. We were completely in our own little bubble this time. Just me and him and the waves..

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