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I was stunned when the hot coffee hit my skin. If it was any other person, I will sue them and they will never hear the last of me. I cursed under my breath but I think Athena didn’t even hear it because she was shocked.

Although, the jacket covered my arms, some liquid landed on my hands. And it stings like hell. I thought back Athena’s reaction on what happened. She was just on her zone while walking at my table. She was busy thinking of something that she wasn’t paying attention to where she’s walking.

There’s something about her that draws me. Maybe its because she shouted at me and nobody does that. Ever. No one insults me nor talk to me the way she’s been doing with me lately. Even acting like a bitch. I was impressed. Most women I dated only wants to pleased me.

“Let’s go to Café del Mar Alex.” Alex drove me to one of our new restaurant café in the upper side of the city. I need to check on things before we can finally have the grand opening this week.

We arrived in no time and Alex opened my door. I only wore my navy blue long sleeve and a tie because of the coffee incident this morning. The exterior is black and white. A couple of elegant steel carved chairs and tables are put outside. The inside interiors is also black and white but I added a touch of blue with the center pieces. There are chandeliers hung on the ceilings. By night, you can see blue spot lights outside and the place turns into a night café.

The manager greeted me as I enter. “Good Morning Mr. Hayes.” I nod at Andrew and walked straight to the bar.

“Scotch Henry.” He greets me and quickly serves my drink. I grab it and check what needs to be double-checked. Everything is ready and nice. I called Andrew who’s keeping an eye on my every move. He quickly strides to me at the bar.

“Yes sir?” he asked.

“The place is ready. Prepare the staff and hurry up on those lightings. The day after tomorrow will be our grand opening. Do you have with you the guest lists?”

He nods, “Yes sir, I’ll go get it for you.” After a couple of minutes, he came back with the lists. I grab it and checked. Some of my business partners will be attending and other important people I know.

“This is good. I will be here before the opening to brief you all up.” I hand him back the list and continue drinking my scotch.

This is my 10thgrand opening of my restaurant chains here in the city. And I have many more everywhere.  I’m damn proud of what I’ve accomplished throughout my years. All I want is somebody to share with it. Speaking of which, I still don’t know Athena.

So, I grab my phone and called my best man David. “Yes,boss?” I put down my drink.

“Athena. The diner girl from across my building. Give me every information you can dig on her within 24hours.” I ordered him. He is the best when it comes to digging something. I trust him with confidentiality and he never lets me down.

“Already on it boss.” I ended the call and put my phone on the counter. Henry on the other hand is cleaning the glasses and polishing the counter tops. He slid a small plate with nuts to where I’m sitting.

Other staffs are also polishing the glass windows and arranging the decors. All in all, the place is definitely ready for customers.

I stayed there a couple of hours talking to Andrew about the place. I drank two glasses of scotch. Brenda called me around 1:00pm, said I have an urgent meeting coming up. So, I leave.




Brenda stood abruptly when she saw me stride the office floor. She took the tablet and followed me inside. I went to my office bathroom and splashed my face with water.  After dabbing a cloth on my wet face, I walk straight to my wardrobe closet and grab a new suit.

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