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“God, I love your car.” I’m making Hmm sounds and other sounds that make me look stupid and weird. Facing my whole body on him while loving the feeling of the black leather seats. The interior is all black and shiny and I do appreciate nice cars especially fast once like these.

Chuckling, “Well, thanks princess. I love this car too.”

Princess. I try to brush it off while I try not to blush.

“So, where are you taking me?” too curious as to where because were driving for a couple of minutes now. I know I should hesitate since I only talk to him whenever I drop his coffee at his office but I don’t know I feel safe when I’m around him. Hopefully, I’m right.

We stopped at a red light. He faced me and studied my face. No word, he was just staring while a small smile forms on his mouth slowly.

“I told you it’s a surprise. It wouldn’t be exciting now if I tell you princess.” He finished just in time it was a green light and he turn to face the road again.

I scoff, “Surprises..completely bull. I hate surprises. I have to guess or think random things and its making my head hurt.” Crossing my arms I’m now facing the road. Pouting like the mini me I am. Tsktsk real mature Athena.

He reached his right arm out and pinched my nose. “Ow! What was that for?!” I slap his hand.

“You look cute when you’re doing that. It makes me want you more. You’re different Athena. I don’t like women who’s serious all the time. But you? You make me laugh and I like it when I’m around you. You  ease my tension with work and the people I’m talking.”

Okay so now I was as red as a freaking tomato.

“Uh-I-wha-Ththank you. I guess?’’ Looking outside the window to avoid seeing me like this. Good thing its dark though. I heard a ringing sound and looked at it. Incoming call.

Max took a wireless thing and put it on his ear while still focusing his attention to the road.

“Yes?” he answered.

I try not to listen to the conversation but its hard when your in a car and its just the both of you inside. His demeanor completely changed.

“What? When?-“ he seems to be upset because every now and then he was silent then he’ll talk back. Saw his knuckles gripping the wheel and his facial impression turned dark.

“-Okay we’ll talk later.” He ended the call and stiffly drove. I knew something went wrong. The whole atmosphere became tense.

“Hey, is something wrong Max?” I cautiously asked.

It was a couple of minutes when he finally answered me. He loosens his grip on the steering wheel and gave me a side glance.

“Sorry about that I was thinking of something. Don’t worry I’ll handle it.” He gave me tight smile and reached for my hand and squeezed it.

I was completely caught off guard but then I relaxed when he looked at me again. This time a real smile on his face.

After driving half an hour, we arrived at a nice restaurant near the beach.

“This is a nice place Max.” its not too big but the ambiance and the sound of the waves make it more perfect.

He immediately walked at my side and has his hand on my back. I felt shiver run down my spine from the touch even though he didn’t really made contact with my skin because of the cloth separating it.

My heart beat skyrocketed when he whispered near my ear making it impossible for me to breath.

“Of course.. because its mine.” He lightly brushed his mouth on my soft spot and I hold back a moan and instead bit the inside of my mouth.

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