Chapter 23

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Athena POV

I finally agreed on letting him fix my papers and documents for the divorce since he has outstanding lawyers in the first place. The thing is, I can't reach my ex husband. It led to voicemail whenever I want to tell him about the papers he needs to sign but its no use.

The lawyers did send the documents to his home and they might visit the place for updates if we don't hear anything from him within three days because Max wants it done as soon as possible.

Oh trust me, that man knows what he wants and when he wants it. But, just like any other mother I want to take things slow. I want to make it right this time and after the divorce, I'll make it happen.

I'm in the middle of washing the plates when suddenly my phone rings.

"Hi, Athena speaking."

A husky voice answered, "Hi love..I missed you." My heart fluttered.

"Seriously Max, we saw each other just yesterday!"

I hear rustling on the background, "Yes, but that was yesterday."

I put the phone on speaker, "Uh huh, and you probably have tons to do so why don't you finish it first then call me after so you can relax."

"I am a busy man but I still have time for you and I have my assistant to hold calls for now."

By now, I was done cleaning the plates since the little rascal requested to make spaghetti.

"Yes, yes but don't stress her out though."

He chuckles, "I pay her triple the salary she had before and I never heard her complain one bit so she's okay."

"No comment."

"So how was your day love?"

Whew. I sat at the couch and put my feet on top of the table. "It was okay, no crazy diners that's one. It was still busy but it was okay. So, I had the chance to talk with the lawyers you assigned for the documents. I can't reach him but they said they will visit him this week though."


"Hello? You still there Max?"

I hear clicking and typing, "Yes love, I'm aware of it and I have men updating me about his whereabouts. Don't worry we'll get that fix in no time. Let me handle it love."

"Hmm.. Okay, if that's what you want."

"You know I want you Athena." He said huskily over the phone.

I can't seem to form words and now I'm hot and bothered. Trust me the feeling is mutual. Damn hotshot.

"You don't say! Now, go get back to work! I'm just relaxing and I'm done with the dishes and everything. So yeah..." I am blushing by now, oh the things that's on my mind.

I hear him chuckling, "Soon love, I'll call you as soon as I'm done with an idiot client."

"Hahaha, don't bite them off Max."

"Oh, I'll definitely bite something though.."

Okayyyy. "Oh lookie there its my favorite show, bye Max!" I immediately hung up but before I did I swear I heard him laughing on the other line. Damn Maxwell.

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