Chapter 18

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Knock. Knock

"Coming!" I walk to the door since I'm the only one, mom and Colby went out for an ice cream.

Opening the door I let out a shriek at the sudden surprise hug and judging by the scent it was him.

"I've miss you.." his hot breath tickling my hot skin.

Giggling, "Well, if it makes you happy I miss you also hot stuff." by that he raised his eyebrow questioningly at the nickname.

"So you think I'm hot?" he asked suggestively while wiggling his eyebrows

Psht. "Hot is not even the word that I should compare to you but let's not get to that your ego is too big for compliments anyways! Come in." I hear him follow and laughing.

"Did you eat already? I went straight here the moment we landed. I'm starving."

I blushed. There was not enough food in the fridge because I had to pay some bills and just bought food until the next pay check.

"Uhm.. I only have--"

He stood up from our worn out couch and stopped in front and cupped my blushing cheeks.

"I love it when you blush. Not a lot of women around here do that anymore and damn. I'm one lucky man. Go change, we'll just go out and dine then let's buy them take outs after. Sounds good?"

"Oh stop it! I can't control that you know and I can't help it when I'm around you." I murmured the rest hoping he didn't hear it. "but fine. I'll leave a note for them. Wait a sec." I dash to my room and just wear casual clothes. A black leggings with an knitted sweater off shoulder then flats. I just tied my hear into a messy bun then get my keys and cellphone.


When we went down he was the only one driving a black sleek car and I just rolled my eyes. Sue me I just can't believe it until now.

"So, where are we going?" I asked we pass by different restaurants already.

"One of the favorite place I want to eat and I just reserved a seat before picking you up." He looked at me smiling then grab my hand squeezing it.

I returned his smile but immediately went panicky, I'm not wearing any fancy and knowing the places he dine, casual isn't their thing.

"Hey, what's wrong?" he asked concerned.

"Max, I'm not wearing any fancy people might judge you."

He pulled the hand he's holding and gently kiss it. "Oh baby, don't worry about it. I don't give a damn about them and you look beautiful dressed in that. So don't worry." This guy will be the death of me. One more flowery words then I'm a goner.

"Your unbelievable." I chuckled.

"That, I am."

A few minutes..

We arrive at a classy Chinese restaurant then a chauffeur immediately greeted us.

Max snaked his hand on my waist and guided us in front. 

"Mr. Hayes! Welcome please come in. I'll walk you to your sit." A chinese guy ushered us in while I notice some cast us glances from the diners.

"Mr. Chow, its been too long. This is Athena." We are seated now and the guy is looking rather happy and excited.

"Yes! Yes! Too long Mr. Hayes." he turned to me then smiled at me warmly. "It is nice to meet you Athena. I hope you'll like what I'll cook." he turned back to Max.

"Surprise us, Mr. Chow."

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