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When I got home from the diner, I saw the two at the kitchen eating and laughing with different pink boxes on the table. OK, I thought. What did I miss? They must have heard me come in so Colby ran towards me with frostings on his mouth.

“Hey mummie! Look wat we have.” He showed me a chocolate cupcake.

 “Wow, that’s yummy..ok. Annie? What are those? Where did it come from?” I said gesturing to the boxes while Colby is happily eating his and sat at the other chair. I put my bag at the sofa and peek through the boxes.

She smiled, ‘’Oh that? Well Mr. Max gave it to us!” she giggled while slicing a piece of mango cake.

Confused, I quirked an eyebrow at her letting her continue explaining to me because these are a LOT of sweets and pastries for a man to give out to strangers.

She just rolled her eyes, “Mr.Max gave it to us for FREE. When we arrive at the store Colby wants to buy some sweets and we just have a couple of dollars. So, the handsome guy with the suit talked to us and let us pick what we want.. So, walaah!”

“Hmm.. this taste good!” she moaned. “Go ahead and have a slice.’’ She gave me a small plate and a fork.

“Really? That’s nice..I think. But next time try not to talk to strangers Annie especially when you’re with Colby here.” I glanced at my son at the other side of the table. He just finished eating his cupcake and is about to get another. Oh no kiddo.

“Epepepep! Colby that’s enough mister. Go clean yourself and drink lots of water.” He was about to whine but I sternly look at him with my big brown eyes.

“Ok mummie.” He drinks his water and hopped out walking to the bathroom.  After we ate, we talked about what happened this afternoon. She squealed and hugged me congratulating for the new job.  It’s not the perfect job to work on but at least I get to pay for mine and Colby’s needs.

Feeling tired after walking and searching for hours, I undress myself and tied my hair into a messy bun.  I took a quick shower and toweled myself dry after. When I enter the bedroom, Colby is playing with his toys already wearing his batman pajamas on the bed.

Walking to the mini closet inside the room, I grab an oversized shirt and put on some undies. I crawled to the bed beside Colby. She put his toys behind his pillow and hugged me.

“I love you so much Colby. Want to know something?” I kissed him and hugged him lovingly. He nods his little head and faced me.

“Mommy now has a new job and I’m starting tomorrow.” He beamed at me and crushed his little body on me.

“Yay! Can you buy me a new toy mummie?” he asked me with his puppy dog blue eyes.  Of course I can now fit it into my budget.

“Of course baby but only 1 toy ok? We have to save some for foods.”

He smiled at me, “Yes mummie!yay! I wuv you mummie!”  I’ll do anything for my baby. I just hope I will never see that bastard again. My life is finally turning out the way I planned it and I don’t like him to mess it up. Both of us said our good nights and slept peacefully.




Morning came; I was wide awake by 5:30am. I rushed to the bathroom and took a shower. I toweled dry after and blow dried my hair making it wavy. Applied mascara, shaped my eyebrows, powdered my face and put a red lipstick.

I then grab a white top and black skinny jeans. I quickly went to the kitchen and cooked breakfast. I’ll be dropping Colby at a day care center and my mom will pick him up in the afternoon.

In 15 minutes, I’m all done. Breakfast consist of pancakes, bacon and eggs. I pour mango juice to both our glasses. Already, 2 mats and plates are placed on the table. Wiping my hands to my apron, I pulled it off and walked to the bedroom.

I slowly woke up Colby. “Hey baby, wake-up. Breakfast is ready. I’ll be dropping you off at the daycare and your grams will pick you up this afternoon.” He moved and slowly opened his sleepy eyes.  Yawning and stretching he nods his head and drags himself at the bathroom. 

I followed him inside the bathroom and helped him shower. After the bath, I dressed him his favorite Lightning McQueen shirt and black cotton shorts. Grabbing a pair of socks and his shoes he wears it and then we’re done!

Checking the time, its almost 6:30. So, I still have an hour and a half to be there. The day care is just 10 minutes away from here and by there going to the diner half an hour.

We finished our breakfast in no time and grabbed both my bag and Colby’s. I dropped him off the day care and kissed goodbye. Already told Mrs. Cruz the lady in charge that his grams will be the one to take him.

I waited for the bus to arrive and the weather is not helping me. It was hot. I mean sweaty hot. Ugh! First day of work and I’m sweating like a pig!

Finally! A freaking bus. I quickly rushed in and took a seat near the air-condition. And guess what? It barely works! Stupid weather. Stupid bus. Ok, deep breaths. Inhale. Exhale. I pulled the two buttons on my top and fan myself instead.

Soon, I was now in the upper side. I pulled the bell signaling to stop and quickly walked out the stupid bus. When I was about to cross the street, the most unexpected thing happened.

My bra strap at the back loosened! Like literally the hooks must have been broken or something.

“You just got to be kidding me!” I shouted exasperatedly. Great, just great. I looked for an alley to fix my bra and I saw one. Walking irritated and a scowl at my face, I hid behind the dark alley. It was safe since its not that dark.

Putting my bag down, I pulled my top a little and examined the hooks. It was broken. Damn! Feeling pissed, I decided to take it off. Even having a son, my breasts still looks good. Checking the time, oh shit! I have only 10 minutes left! I quickly put my bra inside the bag and walked.

Sensing someone is looking, I glanced at my left. A man, no slash that. A demi God is standing a couple of feet from where I’m standing staring at me. He was tall and dressed with a suit. He was trying to keep a straight face but I can tell his not doing a great job on hiding it. He smirks; clearly amused I’m checking him out. Ok, well of course I’m checking him out! He was a sex God.

He was now looking at my top, ok? Wait, shit! I forgot I’m not wearing a bra! I quickly covered it with my left arm and fixed my hair trying to cover it. I was annoyed at him. What a perv!

“What the hell are you looking at?!” I asked him with a scowl on my face. He just quirked an eyebrow at me. I didn’t let him answer my question because I’m now crossing the street and quickly entered the diner.

7:58 am. Phew!  Mr. Frank saw me as I entered inside. “Did you run a marathon?” he asked me while laughing.

I just rolled my eyes and smiled,”Yeah, something like that.”

“The uniforms are at the back. Cherry is in there, she will tell you the basics.” Nodding, I walked to the Employees Only door and look for Cherry.

I immediately found her beside the Storage Room door tying the apron on her back.

“Hey, I’m Athena. Mr. Frank told me I’ll find you here.” I smiled and extend my right hand to introduce myself.

“Hi, I’m Cherry. Well, there’s not much to do other than taking orders and bringing their foods. Cleaning also after closing time and that’s just about it.” Smiling, she was about to head out when she forgot to say something, “Oh and the storage room for foods are there, and our uniform is here by the door. Hurry up, we’ve got customers in a few minutes.” She winked at me and I chuckled.

Grabbing the uniform, it was a red diner uniform with a matching apron. I closed the door and changed. I searched for a scotch tape to cover my nipples since I’m not wearing a bra. I scan the small room for any of those and wallah! At last, I found one on the shelves.

After a couple of minutes inside, I head outside. It was now open and soon customers rushed in to order their usual. Diner girl starts now. 

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