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I finally arrived in Tokyo for the meeting. Tried calling Athena but can't seem to reach her. She's okay. I thought. Looking back at the busy streets, he sighed.

"Sir, the meeting is starting." His secretary opened the door to his office.

Like a switch bulb, he is now on business mode and these Japanese investors should be in terms with his proposal.
"Mr.Maxwell we all due respect the.."

Keeping a straight face, " I flew here in Tokyo to discuss the agreement we had in New York with the Board and now you are changing the plans? Are you insulting me Mr. Yamomoto?"

Seeing the man gulp satisfies my inner beast.

He spoke in Japanese with his colleagues while I'm keeping a stoic expression. Clearly not impress about this. 

"I'm an inpatient man Mr. Yamomoto."

You can just feel the tension inside the board room.  Not long the Japanese nod their heads and signed the contract then gave to my secretary handing it to me.

"Do a double check again with the contracts and the signature. I want a report on my table in the morning." giving the documents to my Lawyer.

"Yes sir." I stood up, "Alright gentlemen, it was a pleasure and disappointing evening and I would like to end this meeting now."

I went straight to my apartment after that. I tried calling Athena back the moment I was alone.

"Hello?" looking at my phone it was answered.

"Athena? This is Max." I hear a ruffle of things at the background.

"Oh hey..sorry I was asleep" She said groggily. Nothing is sexier than hearing her bed voice.

"Did I wake you up? I can call you tomorrow instead its fine."

"No!.. uhmm.. so how was the trip there?"

"Nothing I can't handle though. I'm going to my apartment now and maybe tomorrow I can go back there but still not sure I have to check some reports and files before I leave."

There was silence and then when I was about to call her again.. "I missed you.." she said.

Smiling on my phone while looking at the high buildings outside the car, "I miss you too Athena. I'll speed things so I can go home then we'll have a dinner. Sounds good?"

"I'd love that Max. I gotta go I still have work tomorrow. Let me know when you get home okay? Be safe and I'll see you soon."

"Okay I will. Sweet dreams Athena."

The call ended just in time my driver stopped at the entrance of my apartment building. Thanking him I walked inside greet the receptionist and pressed the top floor.

I can't wait to go home.

This is so short but I'll make it long in the next chapters :)

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