9 The Dress

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Tamara POV

I felt cold. But not only from my body but also my heart. I think it's been two hours since I entered the bathroom, I know he's already gone. I heard the banging of the door a while ago. I thought of everything that is happening. I recall every conversations we shared. He seems unaffected by my presence but I know he's just like any other men who are ruled by their penises.

I felt it when he kissed me, yeah, he wanted me. I can see it in his eyes, he is just like every other guy that I met.

Why didn't I recognise it immediately?! Maybe because I get used to his snobbish ways that I find it impossible for him to feel something for me. Maybe I can use that to my advantage.

I smirked at that thought. I can still fight him. I have to. For my future.

Ibinagsak ko ang katawan ko sa kama ko at pinakawalan ang gigil na sigaw.

Ugh! Oh how I hate him!

I know his motives all along, why he agreed to this stupid marriage, it's always been the money and the power.
Men will fight and kill each other for it, or in his case marry someone with it.
Greedy men like him don't know when to stop. I hate them!

I know my father will not back down on this stupid marriage. When he is decided, he see it through. His quality that made him who he is at the corporate world, but maybe I can bend this to my liking. I need to find a way out of this and soon.

Walking naked in my room. I opened my cabinet and look for for the most revealing dress there that I could find.

He wants war! I'll give him war! Tamara de Ville is not easily shaken!

I reached our residence two hours late. Ayokong isipin ni Vaugh at ni dad na excited ako sa mga pangyayari ito na kagagawan nila. Bumaba na ako at binigay sa valet namin ang susi ng black maserati ko. Unang hakbang ko pa lang sa entrance ay nilibot ko na ang paningin ko sa kabuuan ng party.

Napakaganda ng paligid na pinalibutan ng mga ilaw at bulaklak, mukhang pinaghandaan nila dad. Samantalang ako ay kahapon lang nila pinaghanda sa balitang ito. Pakiramdam ko pinagkaisahan nila ako at pinagmukhang tanga.

Napakaraming tao sa paligid, men in their best suits and ladies in their evening gowns. The crowd that consist of pretentious individuals, mga social climbers, selfish businessmen, matatandang matrona at dirty politicians. I hate these kinds of people. I hate these kinds of gatherings.
All were looking well-mannered pero ang katotohanan ay mga halang ang kaluluwa at ganid sa pera at kapangyarihan. When daddy forced me to attend gathering like this with him, I always tried to excuse myself so I can leave early. But today, since this party is for me, I have to endure all of this bullshit.

This is it. I am Tamara de Ville and I bow to no one. Mantra ko habang taas noong naglakad papasok.  Napatigil ang maingay na usapan nila ng mabungaran akong naglalakad sa carpeted ground. I'm wearing a flowing tube midnight black Versace dress with slit so high on my thigh that when I walk it shows my whole left leg. The dress doesn't cover much because its a fucking see through. I paired it with a silver Manolo Blanik one strap three inches pumps and a silver clutch. I curl my waist length hair and let it fall over my shoulder.

I stop to make a grand entrance and for them to absorb all of me. Nakita ko kaagad ang likod ng lalaking target ko. Napansin siguro nito na natahimik ang mga kausap niya kaya dahan-dahan siyang napalingon. Nakita ko agad ang gulat sa kanyang mukha. It made my lips curved into a mischievous smile. Ang gulat sa mukha ng binata ay mabilis ding napalitan ng galit. At hindi lang basta galit, he looks livid.

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